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Verbal Razors – By Thunder and Lightning

Verbal Razors
By Thunder and Lightning
by Gary Hernandez at 01 March 2020, 8:48 AM

VERBAL RAZORS is touted as Crossover Thrash. I’m guessing that crossover indicates from Punk to Metal or maybe something caught in the middle — although Thrash is pretty much a fusion of hardcore punk and heavy metal, so that sounds a bit redundant. The band is from Tours, France. Go figure. They have one EP and two full-length albums to their credit. Their name, btw, comes from an EXODUS song. They formed in 2008 and enjoy long walks on the beach. On March 13, 2020 (and, yes, that is a Friday) they release their third full-length album, “By Thunder and Lightning.” I’ve had an early listen, and I’m thrilled to say that it rocks. Being someone who experienced NWOBHM when it happened and attended BLACK FLAG shows when HENRY ROLLINS was young, this album is right up my alley.

With 13 tracks there are going to be some highs and lows. I’ll cover the highs and leave the rest for debate. Keep in mind, music is a matter of taste and there is no accounting for taste . . . especially the taste of people who are not me. Before we get started, let me say the two highlights are Mattieu cranking out lightening fast, thunderous riffs (yep, I just did that) and Vincent rumbling out nasty, loose bass lines that could rattle the rust off of a moving locomotive. And now . . . best tracks: 1) “Waterdrop.” Not sure who straddled this badass track with such a mousy name, but I am so naming my next Pitt Bulldog Waterdrop. From the chainsaw bass to the grisly guitar solo to the march of death riffs, Satan save my soul). 2) “The House.” Again with the titles, and again, damn. Just damn. 3) “Jump in the Dead End.” I think I like this song so much first because it rocks and second because I had to listen to it nine times before I could recognize any of the words from the title. And just because I can: 4) “Lazers” and 5) “Alcohol.”

Does anyone remember the MINUTEMEN — the punk band, not the historical reference to whatever that was I didn’t pay attention to in my American History class. Every song the MINUTEMEN played was under one minute. Actually, that’s a myth, but it does have legs. The fact is, though, their songs were short and so are VERBAL RAZORS’ songs. Remember I said 13 tracks? Yeah, 13 tracks crammed into 33 minutes of play. Do the math, that’s some brevity.

I heard a few ‘vintage’ tracks by VERBAL RAZORS, and I have to say that these lads come into their own on “By Thunder and Lightning.” If you like your Punk a little more organized and sharp, or if you like your Metal a little on the angry and frenetic side, then you need to pick up this album. If I could quote riffs, I’d drop “Lazer” right here at the 1:40 mark and then knock over a beer and not apologize.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. By Thunder and Lightning
2. We Are Rats
3. Riot
4. Trash
5. Jump Into Dead End
6. Water Drop
7. The House
8. Love Song
9. Order By Kicks
10. Cross The Line
11. Party Mate
12. Lazer
13. Alcohol (Only on CD & LP)  
Vincent – Bass
Antoine – Drums
Mattieu – Guitars
Simon – Vocals
Record Label: Deadlight Entertainment


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