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Verdict - Generation: Genocide (CD)

Generation: Genocide
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 14 November 2005, 8:57 AM

German Heavy Metal thrashers Verdict come back with their second - after their first album, Reflections of pain - razorblade attempt with the extremely optimistic title Generation: Genocide. Even though the band was formed about ten years ago, they've had to cancel this release due to financial and other problems which stood in their way. There is an obvious thrashy atmosphere spread all over here. Impressive riffs and aggressive vocals are the typical signs of the Verdict sound and give it a particular, individual note.
Here you can find many melodic guitar passages as well as harmonic guitar parts, roaring guts and vocals. The vocal lines may cause certain stomach difficulties to certain people, since this kind of vocals are love them or leave them. Additionally the production could have definitely been better at certain points. If you like a combination of Thrash and Death metal, all minced through a semi-progressive filter then maybe Verdict is your band.
There is also a semi experimental atmosphere combined with Thrash or even Death Metal elements which set the final character for this CD. There are many tempo changes - which create an impressive variety for the listener - and in the 40 minutes and 43 seconds of this album you will realize that the German thrashers are not joking! Aggressiveness will not cease for the majority of the time length of this album.
I don't think that these guys can offer something that extremely unique to the genre since their songs are really well played and have a touch of progressiveness, yet you can not feel like ripping your clothes off after you've heard this album for the third time.
- Album Highlights: Trail Of Terror,  Killing Spree and Bestial Nature.

3 Star Rating

Trail Of Terror
On The Run
False Prophet
Killing Spree
Bestial Nature
Generation: Genocide
Daniel Baptista - Vocals
Heiko Montkowski - Guitar
Marius Pack - Guitar
Florian Bauer - Drums
David Helmstetter - Bass
Record Label: Twilight Vertrieb


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