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Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi

by Caio Botrel at 16 March 2020, 10:46 AM

VERIKALPA is a Finnish Folk Metal band that likes to hang out with trolls. Needless to say that you should totally expect an agressive Folk Metal style mixed up with drinking vibes.

The band have recently released their newest album "Tuoppitanssi" and thats what we are going to talk about.

The opening song from the album is "Naulattujen Vaellus" and it start out with cool keyboards and nice guitar riffs that were perfect to create the vibe for the aggressive vocals that hits in. Even though I don't speak Finnish, I am singing the chorus because its so catchy that its just impossible to not dance and sing.

"Talonväen Teuraat" starts out with a song that reminded me of the Finnish Trolls of FINNTROLL. This song has much more aggressive riffs and there tons of blast-beats going on here, which made it all pretty aggressive. I liked how they mixed up the Death Metal vibe with the Folk elements.

"Tuoppitanssi" is the title track of the album and it starts in the most Folkish way as possible. I loved how you can start dancing and banging your head as soon as it starts. I have nothing much to say about this song, just that its a great one and maybe one of the best from the whole Finnish Folk Metal scene.

"Sankari, Saatana, Kostaja" starts out with cool keyboards and a nice drumming that is followed by good groovy guitar riffs. This song has something powerful and epic on it. "Varjosahti" starts out with a really heavy bass sound and some groovy guitar riffs. I really like the guitar riff here and there's something pretty heavy on this song, but the most epic moment is the guttural vocals when the guitar solo hits in.

Peikon Kieli” starts out with a very FINNTROLL vibe, which is a good thing. This song has something funny on its keyboards melodies and reminded me of a tavern or cavern. The vocals are pretty good and the lines from the stanzas are really cool as well. Thats a very funny song with a very nice chorus. I love all the melodies here.

Verimaat” starts out with a cool piano sound that will make you light up a cigarret and enjoy a whiskey. This song has more Death Metal riffs and it totally fits the sound here. The guitar sound here seems to be a little bit different in my opinion and I liked that. The chorus is powerful and will probably make you feel like going on na adventure or something like that.

“Karhunkaataja” is more Folkish and it starts out with the perfect sound to party, drink and dance with friends. I can imagine how awesome this song feels live, everybody going insane and drinking. Its a fast song, with heavy bass and drums. There’s a lot of vocals here, with some insane backing as well. Thats a great song.

“Mettäväinö” starts out with a really cool bass line followed by some of the already traditional here “Folkish Trollish” elements on the keyboards. This song has a lot of melodies and the guitar riffs are really heavy as well. Once again they did it and the chorus is truly inspiring and epic. “Haaksi” is all you want to hear when it comes to Finnish Folk Metal, as you have great guitar melodies, aggressive vocals, heavy cuisine with the bass n’ drums and a sound that insipire you to go discover the world.

Tuonen Miekka” is the song the closes the album and it starts out with a beautiful keyboard sound and a arena kind of drumming. There’s a good bass work here and it totally gives the heavyness that the song desires. Its a darker song, but also a pretty melodic and epic one. It was a great choice.

VERIKALPA wrote and released a great Folk Metal album. I didn’t know the band before I heard the album and I must say that I am truly impressed. I have Always been a Folk Metal fan and I can honestly say that all the eleven songs are pure madness, greatness and that the Trolls will hunt Bilbo Baggin’s down.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Naulattujen Vaellus
2. Talonväen Teuraat
3. Tuoppitanssi
4. Sankari, Saatana, Kostaja
5. Varjosahti
6. Peikon Kieli
7. Verimaat
8. Karhunkaataja
9. Mettäväinö
10. Haaski
11. Tuonen Miekka
Jani Ikonen – Vocals
Sami Ikonen – Guitars
Jussi Heikkilä – Guitars
Sami Knuutinen – Bass
Jussi Sauvola  - Keyboards
Jari Huttunen – Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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