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Vermin - Plunge Into Oblivion (Reissue)

Plunge Into Oblivion (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 March 2013, 3:33 PM

I agree with the notion that Death Metal will never be the same. The hungry, flesh eating parasites of forlorn will never return with the same viciousness and idiosyncratic edge as before. So we are depended upon new bands that will try to mimic, or at least remind, the glories of the past. But wait a minute, let me stop you there, just for a micro fracture of a second, to let you know that not all of the early Death Metal battalions were high prized emblems to be kept under the rug for a rainy day where there will be nothing good to listen to. And that brings me to the skull bashing maniacs of VERMIN, one of the old Swedish deathly scene's obscene representatives. Actually this group has been long gone for the worldwide Metal scene, can't say since when, but somewhere after the release of their last album around 2000. Returning back to 1994, thanks to the great efforts of the Italian Punishment 18 Records that reissued the band's debut album "Plunge Into Oblivion" originally released by Chaos Records, VERMIN attempted to reach the greatness of their local scene, and also European / American ones, that devoured with provoking, gut ripping, Death Metal. VERMIN didn't seem to settle for meddling with Death Metal al'a early ENTOMBED and ASPHYX, but also added a few other elements such as Grindcore and old school, brutal Crust Punk / Hardcore, and a bit of Thrash, retaining a few glitters of SLAYER, NAPALM DEATH, BRUTAL TRUTH and REPULSION. In overall, this is one of the signs of the emergence of Hardcore as one of Death Metal's prime directions which eventually led to Deathcore.

Though I have been having misconceptions regarding the infusion of Hardcore into Metal music, I have always welcomed the wind of change, thus giving every release of this ominous unison a chance to prove its worth. In the case of VERMIN's debut offering, it was a total clutter, somewhat typical for the age, but more of a messed up, chaos driven, apathetic manifestation of lack of creativity and overly slacken way to portray Death Metal. Of course there is the production is isn't that promising as well, inflicting more of the album's bad image. However, I must confess that the guitar sound is somewhat poignant and compelling, yet the rest is pretty coarse, agonizing at times and overly vulgar. Back to the material itself, the songwriting is nothing to brag about, I couldn’t even recognize a unified structure to any of the tracks, as I mentioned earlier, a complete disorder. Nonetheless, it got better at the album's final stages with "Plunge into Oblivion", "How Many Millions" and "Bitter Hate" reflecting just a little bit of this amalgamation's grandeur with fine disparaging riffing that made flinch, terrific drumming varying in pace, ample vocals and even a few solos that didn't end after a jiffy like others that turned up here and there.

"Plunge Into Oblivion", like the tons of albums released in that period of time, right before Metal's temporary breakdown, this one is not different and certainly not special. Typical isn't the right way to put it as well due to the fact that it is rather below average. The songs didn't impress that much, even with the renaissance at the end of the album, and the production clearly hurt the band more than promoting it. On the other hand, I would recommend to take a peak on is one, might be soothing for others.         

2 Star Rating

1. When Hell Becomes Reality
2. Slave
3. Screw
4. The Silence
5. Life - See My Sorrow
6. Enemy
7. Eternal Love
8. Denials
9. Hypochrist
10. Plunge into Oblivion
11. How Many Million
12. Bitter Hate
13. San Quentin (Johnny Cash Cover)
Jimmy – Vocals / Guitars
Moses – Guitar
David – Bass / Backing Vocals
Mathias - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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