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Verminous Serpent - The Malign Covenant Award winner

Verminous Serpent
The Malign Covenant
by Kris Marsden at 14 March 2023, 12:08 PM

Soon as the listener presses that play button, where the listener is welcome to the five opening pieces, “Seraphim Failes”, and the remaining four pieces—simultaneously the thirteen-minute closing piece, “Deaths Head Mantra” -make it up for those missing pieces and time—simultaneously the time and number of songs on this release are perfect -due it’s dark nature in the music -where the listener’s ears and soul are welcome with a black metal that’s not processed by speed but creates more of a hideous sensation and dark- horror atmosphere feel.

“The Malign Covenant” is due for release on March 17th. One thing is for sure; three (veteran) demons deliver this masterclass release with plenty of experience, which includes Irish black metallers SLIDHR’s Joseph Deegan on guitar, MALTHUSIAN’s Matt Bree on drums, and the vocal work, you can’t go wrong with these demonic lungs, we have (Celtic/Black) PRIMORDIAL‘s A.A. Nemtheanga on vocals and bass – oh yes A.A. Nemtheanga on vocals so you the listener are aware of this Irish-demon-God and any other two members band/work – well you’re going to love “The Malign Covenant” and its musical spectrum.

At the same time, while listening, soaking in the dark music -trying to ink this review - “The Malign Covenant” is dark in nature -blends this blackened doom with a touch/tint of death metal and atmosphere with (“Amor Fati Productions” describes the music as) “a rippling soundworld of lurking dread and sulphurous tension, where intensity is measured not by speed or density but by the hideous sensations that shapeshift within the listener’s subconscious.”

Indeed, “The Malign Covenant” draws the listener into its dark and hideous sensation of black metal music. Simultaneously, there’s no hope of trying to single out a particular track to discuss with this release -this release was intended to play with a dark-rich red wine, all modern devices turned off and sitting back in a twilight-light atmosphere and play this whole thing from start to finish (no skipping tracks). With a production in sound that’s solid and clear— simultaneously keeping it dark, while the score/composing of the music and instrumental/vocal work -do I need to say more – the experiences devilmanship, musicianship and showmanship behind the helm consists of primitive distortion of the guitar with a piercing and deranged riffage with despair bass riffs, drum strikes and beats are like bombs been detonated, and A.A’s vocal work consists of demonic growls/roars and screams that chill the blood.

“The Malign Covenant,” in my opinion. I’m lost for words; I am aware of PRIMORDIAL’s work, but the other two are unsure, but I will be checking out SLIDHR and MALTHUSIAN. At the same time, for anyone reading this and aware of these three (veteran) demons and their work -one thing is sure “The Malign Covenant” will be for you.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Seraphim Falls
2. Transcendent Pyre
3. The Malign Covenant
4. Chasm of Nameless Bone
5. Deaths Head Mantra
Joseph Deegan – Guitars
Matt Bree – Drums
A.A. Nemtheanga – Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Amor Fati Productions


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