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Verminous - The Curse Of The Antichrist

The Curse Of The Antichrist
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 September 2013, 4:53 PM

And the torture is on; extinguish the flagging religious fanatical abasements into a new age of chaos and brutalization by the hands of the notorious antichrist defining a fresh stimulus progeny ripped from the world down below. Is this a horrid vision of pain and suffering or another short message entry of a swift blasting punch of unruly Death Metal from the Swedish lands? I guess it can be both of them through the venomous breath of the Swedish Death Metal dirt bags VERMINOUS and their newly EP, “The Curse Of The Antichrist”, a 7” vinyl via Blood Harvest Records. Retaining the musical stench odour of their latest “The Unholy Communion”, the crew omitted a short fragment of their doctrine with a new original along with two chosen covers. Nothing lost, but nothing gained, “The Curse Of The Antichrist” is a simple depiction of solidity.

Basically nothing has changed, VERMINOUS maintained their muddy meaty Death Metal attacks, bludgeoning with massive blackened Death Metal riffery with twitches of melodic tremolo guitars along with gutting the skins with massive blast beat clouts. Overtime there are short slowdowns and mid tempo aggressive groovy Thrash residues. Sadly there is no soloing to accompany the mass frantic heresy, yet eventually living up to the standards. Heading forward, the selection of the NUCLEAR ASSAULT cover of the short speedy Punkish mischief of “Hang The Pope” seemed like a pointless joke, and not a funny one to say the least. The original track itself is disappointing, thus the cover ain’t such a big difference. Can’t admit that I know the NIHILIST cover selected, however it appeared to be just right for VERMINOUS streaming on the same line as their own musical direction and tunes. The riffs seemed interesting enough, though reoccurring, and the small solo combustion seemed quite good. I am sure that if the mixing was better, it would have been noticeable as a fact. Setting this one go, “The Curse Of The Antichrist” is a short foul putrefying, hazardous material ready to be devoured by old school maniacs. A decent stance similar to VERMINOUS’s previous endeavour, give this one a chance.                 

3 Star Rating

1. The Curse Of The Antichrist
2. Hang the Pope (Nuclear Assault Cover)
3. Revel in Flesh (Nihilist Cover)
Germaniac - Vocals & Guitar
Pelle Piss - Guitar
Agge - Drums
Jonas Mattsson – Bass
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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