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Verminous - The Unholy Communion

The Unholy Communion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 July 2013, 10:54 AM

Unbound the wrath of hell, let it swarm and rip off his chains against the faintness of religious belief, entwining evil, destruction and loathing into one’s soon to be blackened soul. Chaos can be charming sometimes, though I won’t invite it to my door step even if it will offer candy, performing trick or treat. No need to verify the implications of that happening. I speak metaphorically but I am sure that most of you know what I mean. Back to our hellish guests from Sweden, the antagonists of every sort of sacred creed and decree, nasty oppressors wishing to overtake their place by suffering, this is the blackened Death Metal imperium of VERMINOUS, slimy, sick and it reeks. Abusing as being the reminiscent of the gross early 90s atrocious AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, SADISTIC INTENT or even the wrath of the Norse foul gods of IMMORTAL, this trio of maniacs had their decade of rest until the emergence of “The Unholy Communion”, via Xtreem Music. While not being close to be declared as imaginative or blasphemous renewal, VERMINOUS were able to shed some skin off, plunge a solid Death blow of utter pandemonium.

“The Unholy Communion”, at least for yours truly, is what I would call a primitive queasiness of extremeness. Nobody said that extreme Metal music has to be grotesque and profane right? But when it comes to true and raw old school Death Metal, its main vanity point is being utterly revolting yet also unconstructive. Agge’s grinding the life out of the blast beats on the drums, might display his skin job as sloppy but that is thanks to the poor productions values of the entire release. It might sound old school yet I believe that it was mistreated. Fundamentally, he is like a lifeless, piece of machinery, there to perform with true might without looking back. Germaniac and Pelle Piss on the guitars are rattling the chains of existence with hellish, yet simply put, riffing according to the genre’s black book. There are times when one of them ignites with a slashing solo display, yet I would wish those would have been frequent.  Germaniac as a vocalist is pretty neat, sharp edged growler, similar to Abbath of IMMORTAL yet with a bit of depth to his gruesomeness. “Glorious Sacrilege” really got things started, flashing towards Thrash but with the rawness of pure Death infestation, so devilish and untamed. Catchy chorus, evil induced mayhem, nice main riff, ought to like that one. “Immersed in Semen” is a sick bastard, anti-religious intent, a slight diversity within the deathly primates but keeps the spirit going. “Hordes ov Vermin” and “Keepers of Chaos” erupt as two of the album’s main blasphemers, great riffing, a small token of solo display, sometimes it felt Crusty, yet abiding by the Death Metal code nonetheless.

This one didn’t give me a hard time; it is a blackened in your face kind of straightforwardness, without trends or modern methods to keep it alive. VERMINOUS are the bastards of the underworld, creators of mayhem with Death Metal wishes. Though aboriginal, and not original at all, I still liked the effort. If you liked it hideous, check out these boys.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Keepers of Chaos
3. I.N.R.I (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Insecta)
4. Hordes ov Vermin
5. In the Name
6. Glorious Sacrilege
7. Verminous Fluids - Part II
8. Old Is the Shadow of Death
9. Immersed in Semen
10. The Gospel of Verminous
Germaniac - Vocals & Guitar
Pelle Piss - Guitar
Agge - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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