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Vesania - Distractive Killusions (CD)

Distractive Killusions
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 13 November 2007, 10:00 AM

VESANIA is one of the bands that excited me without even having listened to their music. When I got the promo CD, I searched on the internet to find some things about them and realized that this band consists of members that play in well-known and incredible bands. The only thing Napalm Records does lately is to surprise me with its not so regular releases. A couple of Thrash album and now, a Black Metal masterpiece that will make your ears bleed.

VESANIA hail from Poland (hail to VADER and BEHEMOTH) and are consisted by musicians like Orion (BEHEMOTH) and Daray (VADER), two guys that have proven their worth in the Metal scene and belong to he best Polish Death Metal bands. With a line up like this one, I was expecting something that could cause a Death Metal holocaust, but these guys decided that they wanted to play something that would be more on the Black Metal side.

The band's debut release - except from their first two demos - was a split CD with BLACK ALTAR. This CD was released only in Poland, it was limited to 666 copies and every single copy was signed with blood! So, after this interesting fact, let's see what the Polish blacksters have in store for us. The band's music is modern symphonic Black Metal that reminds of bands like the latest DIMMU BORGIR, ZYKLON and LIMBONIC ART. The album is filled with haunted keyboard melodies and heavy riffing. The keys may also remind you a bit of EMPEROR. The production is great, making the sound crystal clear and adding some extra heaviness to the overall result.

All in all, Distractive Killusions is a really good symphonic Black Metal album that will definitely feed your blackest of the black appetites. I would suggest this album to all Black Metal listeners, except from the true ones of course, who will surely find it false and commercial. Poland just offered one more great album and we just have to enjoy it!

4 Star Rating

The Dawnfall (Hamartia And Hybris)
Infinity Horizon
Rage Of Reason
Of Bitterness And Clarity
Silence Makes Noise (Eternity - The Mood)
Hell Is For Children
Distractive Cryscendo
Orion - Vocals, Guitar
Valeo - Guitar
Heinrich - Bass
Daray - Drums
Siegmar - Keyboards
Record Label: Napalm Records


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