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Vescera - Beyond The Fight

Beyond The Fight
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 April 2017, 11:34 PM

I never expected this, but after checking out what has been going on with guy, I assumed that he might head on and record something new as his own and not as a soldier of fortune. It has been almost nine years since the American singer, Michael Vescera, recorded material under his own name, and I am crossing down OBSESSION, as it has been more than just his baby. Though I have always argued that Vescera is one of the top American Metal vocalists, particularly due to his works as the front of OBSESSION and LOUDNESS along with his guest performances, I wasn’t quite fond of his MVP band. In the last several years I noticed that he has been touring with a European lineup, whether lineups formed especially for him when touring Europe or his recording band mates from Italy. So obviously, an album should have come out of all this. Through Pure Steel Records, Vescera made a comeback with another solo album under his name, “Beyond The Fight”, which felt more than back in the old US Metal fold than the other way around.

This is a simple down to the point situation, a straightforward old school minded release that reflects the energies of the 80s. Even though it doesn’t have to be such a release that is bound for 80s Metal fans, it is hard to shake that notion off, it depends on the listener. Racing through the thrills of the past, “Beyond The Fight” felt natural, a signpost of a dedicated artist that is not surrendering to what has been going on around him. There is a such a ferocity in the riffs and up-tempo moments that serves as a great reliever, a sort of a small patch of high octane freedom in a demanding industry that at times pushes forward too fast without thinking much of its past legacies. Sure I could have used more powerful moments, especially the almost nostalgic magnetic soloing attempts that shattered the ear lobes or some of the blazing sensation that got lost a bit, but the main factors are still in play. Vescera still has it in him to rally in the quality singing back in the fight and the solid songwriting that created several hit points worth checking out and relive the blast of the past.

Each of the album’s finest might as well have been another chapter of Vescera’s past and I was glad that he and his team were able to muster such songs. “Dynamite” and “Troubled Man” led the charge with mid-tempo heaviness that is sounded surreal and classic. The latter being slightly out of the box for the genre, quite surprising due to the conservative aspects that have been integral on the album. “Blackout In Paradise” and “Looking For Trouble” set the energy levels at high gear with attacking fast paced, delivering the goods. Felt a bit like a compelling mixture of OBSESSION and LOUDNESS altogether, nothing much can go wrong with that I presume.

Although I would have asked for a much grander opening display of the Vescera project, “Beyond The Fight” turned out to be quite good for continuance. I miss OBSESSION, but I could settle for another solo album with a good 80s US Metal spike.


3 Star Rating

1. Blackout In Paradise
2. In The Night
3. Stand And Fight
4. Dynamite
5. Looking For Trouble
6. Vendetta
7. Troubled Man
8. Never Letting Go
9. Suite 95
Michael Vescera - Vocals
Mike Petrone - Guitar
Frank Leone - Bass
Fabio Alessandrini - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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