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Vesicarum – Reign Of Terror

Reign Of Terror
by Cherie Wong at 08 July 2020, 10:54 PM

It is exciting to present VESICARUM’s debut EP “Reign Of Terror,” released May 18, 2020. VESICARUM is a death metal band from the UK. The band was originally formed in 2016 as a solo project by vocalist Glynn Neve and grew to its current lineup in 2018.

In Latin, VESICARUM means “to fester.” This macabre name is echoed in the music and themes on “Reign Of Terror.” The EP tells the charming story of a serial killer from the beginning to the end of a murder. Both guitarists are good, resulting in great riffs. Each track has a riff that stands out, as well as short but sweet guitar solos. Songs don’t stick with a riff the whole track, instead, slowing down the tempo intermittently for a nice change of pace. The bass and drums round out the sound fully. My main critique of the band’s sound is the vocalist. Instead of the traditional growls that characterizes death metal, Neve has gone for a unique mix between a bark and a yell. The overall effect is that the music comes across as more punk and nu-metal than death metal. This style of vocals is also used throughout. I would have preferred mixing up the vocals to match the instrumental and tempo changes on the album.

The titular opening track “Reign Of Terror” is a straightforward, but fun death metal song. The groove and rhythm of the chorus is energetic. The two guitarists play out the track well. “The Sick And The Depraved” was released as the lead single, which was a good choice. The band incorporates breakdowns into the song to good effect. The slower and heavier section is a brutal way to break up the fast pace of the rest of the song. The guitar riff in “Midnight Slasher” is hard hitting with a hefty sound. “Early Warning Signs Of A Serial Killer” is another simple but highly energetic death metal song. One notable addition is a gruesome sound clip, which adds to the musical theme.

Overall, I enjoyed the background instrumentals of “Reign Of Terror” more than I enjoyed the whole package. The music was solid death metal riffage, but the vocals could do with a little work. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing a full-length album from VESICARUM.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Reign Of Terror
2. The Sick And The Depraved
3. Midnight Slasher
4. Early Warning Signs Of A Serial Killer
5. Undivine End
Glynn Neve – Vocals
Martin Shipton – Guitar
James Thompson – Guitar
Orla Blue Reed – Bass
Donal Mc Gee – Drums
Record Label: One Eyed Toad Records


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