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Vesperith - Vesperith Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 October 2019, 8:33 AM

VESPERITH is Sariina Tani's life's work of fusing music, art, and theosophy to otherworldly, meditatively chaotic dark radiance. Sariina Tani channels the depths of the cosmos through the vessel of VESPERITH. On her debut full length album, Tani meditates on the nature of shadows and emptiness stating that, “This new album is a pilgrimage to the abyss. For many, shadows, darkness, emptiness or void are almost stigmatized as evil, bad or scary but I see almost heartbreaking beauty, light and infinity there,” she explains. The album contains six tracks.

“The Magi” leads off the album, at close to nine minutes in length. Tense, atmospheric tones lead to Sariina’s clean vocal chants/moans and something building in the background. It sounds like the lamentations of an ancient Roman God. Building throughout and then with a long fadeout, it leaves you with a harrowing feeling that you just witnessed a brutal and bloody murder…or did you? “Fractal Flesh” has a long and tense fade in and then the Black Metal madness ensues. Raging vocal screams over a bed of thunderous drumming and guitars is the formula here.

“Refractions” features another long, atmospheric fade-in. It sounds like you cracked open the doors of Hell just a bit and can hear the intense suffering inside. Sariina’s vocals could wake the dead, creating an army of zombies to take over the earth. “Valohamara” is an eight-minute beast. I love the background energy she creates here, with delicate piano notes and what sounds like the howling of a frigid wind at the arctic circle. Drums join in slowly, as does soft vocal chants/moans, leading to evil Black Metal vocal laments, culminating in a chaotic ending. “Quintessence” is close to eleven minutes in length. It opens with furious drumming and then come her soft vocal moans. Just before the half-way mark, darkness begins to creep in. Drums crash in as her vocals turn deadly. It ends with a gentle sway, but that darkness remains.

“Solar Flood” closes the album. The background is set with harrowing tones, but her vocals are light and delicate. It builds slowly, and you know the storm is on the horizon. The thunderheads remain just out of the distance, threatening you with vicious lightning strikes and damaging winds. Then, they retreat. “Vesperith” was a very personal listening experience. If you like Black Metal and Post-Black Metal and the derivatives therein, I have no doubt you will enjoy the album. It’s like a tale of two people, or the yin and yang of Sariina’s mind. At times it is ferocious, evil, and intense, and other times it is fairly calm, but always with that darkness/harrowing feeling present. She is masterful at creating that feeling, with various tones and techniques. Don’t fall asleep with this album playing…you might not wake up!


4 Star Rating

1. The Magi
2. Fractal Flesh
3. Refractions
4. Valohamara
5. Quintessence
6. Solar Flood
Sariina Tani – Primus Motor, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics, Artwork, Animation
Record Label: Svart Records


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