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Vetor - Chaos Before The End Award winner

Chaos Before The End
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 August 2015, 11:59 PM

What is the style that "Big Daddy" here always calls modern traditional Heavy Metal? Simple: take METAL CHURCH's albums "Metal Church" and "The Dark" along JUDAS PRIEST's "Painkiller" and "Jugulator", and you'll have the perfect idea of what I understand. It's the mixing of the aggressiveness of some riffs of Thrash Metal along the melodic embodiment of traditional Heavy Metal. And this style has a very good grasp in Brazil, for some bands do fine works on this style. And one of the best ones is the quintet VETOR, from Santos (São Paulo), that finally, after a long and anxious wait, comes with "Chaos Before The End", their first album.

Like the sister band RYGEL (from the same city), VETOR plays an aggressive and strong way of modern traditional Heavy Metal, using very good and creative songs, with tempos that some times are fast and aggressive, and other ones slower and abrasive, but always melodic and hooking. The vocals are fine (using a style that reminds something from Rob Halford and Matthew Barlow sometimes), great guitar work on aggressive riffs and melodic (and well-worked) solos, and a rhythmic kitchen very heavy and technical (but that doesn't lose the heavy grasp of tempos). So, be prepared for their attack.

The production was done by the bassist Luiz Meles, and the mixing and mastering were both done by Fredrik Nordström on Fredman Studios (Sweden). Obviously, the sound quality is excellent, heavy and clear as the band's music demands. And the artwork created by Jean Michel (from Designations studios) is a fine piece of art Of course the album is excellent, and the band is in a very good shape. But some special guest are here, giving a different and good taste to "Chaos Before The End": Bil Martins (lead vocalist from HELLISH WAR) on backing vocals on “Limits Within Procreation” and  “Vetor”, Luiz Carlos Louzada (VULCANO's lead vocalist) on backing vocals on “Limits Within Procreation” and additional voices on “Vetor”.

Flávio Matheus on pianos and Aníbal Pontes on guitars, orchestral arrangements and choirs on “Religious Falsehood”. And we must not forget to mention the participation of the former guitarist Luciano Gavioli no rhythm guitars. Best moments: “Religious Falsehood” (a heavy and intense track, full of rhythmic changes,  great vocals, and fine guitar riffs), “Chaos Before The End” (a fine piece of aggressive melodies, with a very good chorus), "My Torment" (even using a modern and aggressive insight, has a tender Hard'n'Heavy feeling, showing a very good work by bass guitar and drums), "Limits Within Procreation" (another great and abrasive track, with a modern vibe and having very good vocals), and "Endangered Species" (a bitter and modern song, but with a whole melodic scope that).

One of the best albums of this year!

5 Star Rating

1. Intro Religious Falsehood
2. Strike Command
3. Chaos Before the End
4. My Torment
5. Limits Within Procreation
6. In the Sound of the Wind
7. Vetor
8. Endangered Species
Eduardo Jr. – Vocals
Pedro Bueno – Guitars
Ricardo Lima – Guitars
Luiz Meles – Bass
Afonso Palmieri – Drums
Record Label: Shinigami Records


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