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Vetus Obscurum - Blood Revelations (CD)

Vetus Obscurum
Blood Revelations
by Yiannis Doukas at 15 November 2009, 10:08 AM

VETUS OBSCURUM is the brainchild of Numinas who is behind KROHM. He had started this solo project more than a decade ago but in 1997 and when he focused in KROHM he put them in the refrigerator. In the end when he saw that some of his compositions could not fit with his band he gave once again life to this project and so here we have the debut recordings. A mini CD with four songs where Numinas plays everything and in the vocals we have the demonic presence of Nihilist and Death. The CD was recorded in his own Cold Void studio and the sound is satisfactory enough.
DARKTHRONE-based Black Metal is what we hear in Blood Revelations. Both two first songs are nice and especially the second The Omen From The East differs. It includes a frozen atmosphere, it's deep melancholic with elements that drive you back to ancient KATATONIA. The self-titled Vetus Obscurum has a slow and depressing break and although Numinas plays all the instruments the result is good; for example, the drumming is the way it had to be with the only exception about the bass sound that is a little bit buried.
Antidote To Humanity and Blood Revelations are in a bad way very typical or trite to the boredom limits. Songs that are made by coping DARKTHRONE albums following a standard pattern. If we also examine the feelings that this release can offer, except from the dinginess in The Omen From The East there is nothing else worth mentioning. If in its all entity this mini CD could stand in the levels of that song then probably we would have something that could gain more attention.

3 Star Rating

Vetus Obscurum
The Omen From The East
Antidote To Humanity
Blood Revelations
Numinas - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Death - Vocals
Nihilist - Vocals
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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