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Vex - Memorious Award winner

by Manel Lilioth at 08 April 2013, 2:13 PM

You can use VEX just for saying distress or suffering but in Texas means Death Metal, and this band stands to this definition and makes it to the top with "Memorious", their second full-length released through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions a while ago. As we all know, Texas is the capital of extreme Metal in USA and it has been continuing on surprising through its bands and live concerts akin to this philharmonic where they were formed in 2001, starting with sort out their 2003 EP "Sphereith" that earned considerable praise from 'zines such as Terrorizer and helped the band earn opening slots for international tour for DEICIDE, HATE ETERNAL, IMMOLATION, ORIGIN, KRISIUN, KATATONIA, GOATWHORE, MOONSPELL, EXHUMED, among others.

The chemistry between the members of this band is what makes them unique and clearly defined as long obscured treasure of progressive, moody melodic Death / Black / Thrash Metal influenced by ENSLAVED, EDGE OF SANITY, PRIMORDIAL, VED BUENS ENDE and THE CHASM that seems like uncanny hailing from Joe Jackson (Vocals), Michael Day (Guitar), William Edgar (Bass), Ciaran McCloskey (Guitar) and Eoghan McCloskey (Drums), I fully believe in this album and stand behind it as the best thing they’ve ever done, which is what I suppose every band says about their latest album.

Basic intro of "Memorious" begins with arioso guitars riffs for 11 seconds then progressively mangled the rest of instruments with true Death growling technique to honor the fourth element of nature “Terra Soar”, among “Carve My Eyes”, we can carve the song into two phases: the brutal one in presence of highly distorted and down tuned guitars, form of overtone growling and the second is soft and low speed of bass and rhythmic guitars with shrieked Black Metal vocals, the bittersweet blending that it makes a new flavor to the song. Although, the instrumental anthems “Astride A Grave”, “Away From The Sun” and “Solace In Sleep” each one of them has he’s distinguishing atmospheric Doom / Black aspects and in perfect synchronization tools which it condemns the seeking of mainstream success, closing with my favorite “A Drinking Song”, a 4:45 alongside rich of melodic exponential chromatic chords, solos, and varied song structure goes even further in propose for using a blackened death metal sound in better quality and theme .

After all, everything has a sense even the title "Memorious" and the title of the song they contributed to the split with DIVINE EVE, “Circular Ruins”, are both taken from short stories by the Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, who is as much of an influence on VEX, you can say, it’s not just a music, no, it’s Metal with soul in fact that the personality in each member shines through this albums.

So, if you’re a Death Metalhead or not, you should not miss VEX, listen to their material, support them, and I hope I can see them on live on day.

4 Star Rating

1. Terra Soar
2. Carve My Eyes
3. Astride A Grave (instrumental)
4. No Such Thing
5. Spectral Nation
6. Away From The Sun ( instrumental)
7. Wasteland (how a long ago…)
8. Solace In Sleep (instrumental)
9. Those Days Are Gone
10. A Drinking Song
Michael Day - Guitar
William Edgar - Bass
Joe Jackson - Vocals
Ciaran McCloskey - Guitar
Eoghan McCloskey - Drums
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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