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Vexes - Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time Award winner

Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time
by "Metal Mark"Garcia at 28 July 2022, 5:30 AM

After the dust fell and the Alternative Rock trend was over, people could see who were the bands that were really into the genre, and those who were just opportunists. Today, after 30 years of Alternative Rock and Grunge Rock explosion, there are many bands following such genres, or uses its elements to bring something different. And this is the case of New Jersey based quartet VEXES. And here they are presenting a courageous work: a double studio album called “Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time”.

The band’s music isn’t so complicated to describe: it’s a mix of some Metal elements with tons of Alternative Rock and Grunge Rock influences. Of course one can have many different points of view on the quartet’s work, but basically they’re this. But hold your horses: they’re pretty good, doing things in their own way. They have influences, and aren’t trying to copy anyone. The production of the album was done in a way to make things combines two aspects: for an Alternative Rock/Metal band, a filthy and organic approach is a demand. But to sound rough does not mean that things can’t be understood by the fans. And it was done in a way that everything sounds in such way. It’s a blend between a set of rough instrumental tunes with a defined sonority.

It’s not an offense to say that called “Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time” is composed by sets of contrasts between ‘light’ and ‘dark’, or in other words, melodic and deeper moments in one moment, and filthy and aggressive in others. But for the ones that are into Alternative tendencies, one bit on songs as “Beyond the Sinking” (some filthy melodies hook the fans, with a massive and noisy work of the guitars, but with some parts where bass guitars are in a great and evident playing), “End With Me” (that holds a melodic appeal with some technical approach, with good melodic vocals), the deeper moments of “E.O.T.W.” and “Gather Your Bones”, the weaving and accessible melodies of “Twisting of the Points”, the savage energy that flows from “Inexerol”, the tribal drumming of “Low Choices”, the hypnotic accessibility of “The Symptoms of Dying”, “In this Destruction” and of “Bleak Machine”, the tender melodic on some moments of “Invisible Shine” (but be prepared for some crushing aggressive moments), and “Away Stars” (some complex tempos can be heard, with bass guitar and drums working in a very good way) will make them praise the band for sure. But as a long release, this album takes time to be totally absorbed.

VEXES did a very good work on “Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time”, but a shorter release next time could make them reach a broader public.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Digital Trust
2. Beyond the Sinking
3. End With Me
4. We Are if We Dare
5. E.O.T.W
6. A Darker Motion
7. Gather Your Bones
8. dryspit.
9. Twisting of the Points
10. Inexerol
11. Imagine What We Could Destroy
12. Low Choices
13. Phantom Pain
14. The Symptoms of Dying
15. Collapse at Limit
16. Energy Vampire(s)
17. In this Destruction
18. The Dream Disease
19. Bleak Machine
20. At Nothing
21. Invisible Shine
22. Tangents
23. Away Stars
24. If Only Given Time
Charlie Berezansky - Vocals, Guitars
John Klagholz - Guitars
Bobby Carpenter - Bass
Justin Graves - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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