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Vibrator Failure - Rectors, Rectum, Raccoon (CD)

Vibrator Failure
Rectors, Rectum, Raccoon
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 April 2008, 3:55 PM

This must be a joke, right? These guys can't be serious. Ok, I know that most of the shitty promos from bands that don't have a reason to exist end up in my hands, but what the fuck is this?

I want to warn you, I am not going to spend more than 2 minutes to write this review. And to clear things out, I HAVE listened to this demo CD more than once. I don't know when these guys were formed (not that I care), but the only thing I know is that his is their first ever release.

So, what does someone do when he has lots of free time and is a great fan of porno movies? He makes a band and releases a demo that is full of sound clips from porno movies. I am really sorry but I can't take this whole project seriously. There ten songs plus one intro and the approximately 13 minutes are full of stupid and annoying sound clips. The music is trying to be Grind/Death Metal but it ends up being a mixture of simple riffing and classic guitar melodies. First of all these guys don't even know what they want to play. Slut Certificate even features electronic effects and the singer sings with clean vocals!

I don't even know if these guys have ever played live. This is probably a Myspace project that these guys did just for fun. I guess that they are just students that wanna have fun and nothing more. If they think that they can do something with this kind of music, then they have a serious problem.

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Never Underestimate Your Bitch's String, It Might Be Used As A Weapon Against Humanity
Gun-Barrel Dildo With Discharge Tendencies
Wife Beater
Nail-Clipper Shovel
Pussy Filler
Slut Certificate
Tampon Exploding System
Throat Gagging And Ass Plugging
Asshole Stretching Catapult
Drowning In Faggots (Bonus Track)
Takis - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Effects
Panos - Guitar
Kostas - Berimbao
John - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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