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Vibrion - Bactreya

by Nathan Foster at 25 September 2016, 10:10 PM

Well, what we have here is quite possibly the “Chinese Democracy” of Death Metal. This is VIBRION’s first album in twenty years. So what can we expect? Not a disappointment, that's for sure!

This album has that true old-school feel to it that is severely lacking in a lot of Death Metal today. It is intense, makes you want to bang your head and is generally BRUTAL. A lot of these young bands today should really listen to this and take note. And amongst the brutality there are some genuinely well-played melodic parts that combine both old and new school elements.

The vocals are on fire, the drums are consistent and the guitars are thunderously heavy. At ten tracks, it feels full, and by the end you will definitively have got you money’s worth.

This is my first encounter with the band – who are supposedly the first Death metal band from Argentina. It is nice to see that the band have grown considering that they have reportedly always used complex and high-octane riffs. Originally formed in 1992, they have a lot of experience in the business. Many of the songs are definitive songs that sound like the holocaust; by being very morbid and having a devastating sound.

This band does indeed have the essence of the Death Metal genre, but they also have a particular feel and a personal slant, which means the production sounds mature and there is a complex musical personality to their approach. I enjoyed the excellent guitar arrangements that seem to be influenced by the polish Death Metal scene and bands such as VADER and DECAPITATED. If you're looking for a very good Death Metal Band with a distinctive sound, this is highly recommended.

Songwriting- 7/10
Originality- 8/10
Memorability- 8/10
Production- 8/10

4 Star Rating

  1. Day of Replication
  2. The Wrath of the Beats
  3. The Worm Immune
  4. The Wall of Caffa
  5. Ill Essentia
  6. Of My Burning Brothers
  7. Hidden Plague Disseminator
  8. Bacterya
  9. Circles are Closed
  10. Mutant
Luis Guardamagna - Guitar, Vocals.
Fabian Fernandez - Bass (Argentina).
Matthias M. - Bass Bass (Rest of the world).
Jonas Sanders - Drums.
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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