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Vicious - Vile, Vicious & Victorious (CD)

Vile, Vicious & Victorious
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 08 July 2004, 10:54 PM

I'm gonna be honest with you. When I first dropped this CD into my CD player, my imminent thought was to tear my chief editor's throat once and for all. Fortunately for him, but REALLY unluckily for me, I managed to maintain my self-control and experience all alone the listening torture.
No, it's not that bad. Actually, it's mediocre and incurably boring, common and that's why I suffered so much. Guess what their act is! Oh come on…let me help you a bit then. What's the kind of music 90% of the Metal bands play nowadays but still remain under the shadow of a great, disbanded one? What kind of music could a band hailing from Sweden deliver?
That's right…just another band among the zillion out there irritatingly glued to N.W.O.S.D.M. Above everything, I'm a music ultra-fan and bands like Vicious make me wonder about the newcomers' perspective as far as their aim is concerned.
Help me out a bit, 'cause I can't really tell what purpose this release serves no matter how hard I've tried to be patient and indulgent with it. The good production and the band's technical completeness take on the role of the lifepreservers in this total wreckage and for sure they can't be faced as strong points. 20 years earlier, those elements could give them an extra credit, but in the 21st century they simply are the minimum requirements.
I won't be extremely tough in rating them, although my consciousness easily allows me to do so. They are mediocre, nothing more and possibly a lot less. If their purpose is to sound like At The Gates of the villainous residuum, that's fine with me, after all I got this album for free. If a man rages over an album that he acquired for free, imagine what another one could do who'd given money for it.
P.S. If it wasn't for the artwork, the rating would have been lower.

2 Star Rating

Trigger Needs Some Action
High On Fire
Life Corrupted
Boots Of Led
A Vicious Mind
The Feeder Of Evil
Pontus Pettersson - Guitar
Fredrik Eriksson - Drums & Backing Vocals
Simon Jarrolf - Guitar
Henrik Wenngren - Vocals
Captain Carcass - Bass
Record Label: Sound Riot Records


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