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Victorius - Dinosaur Warfare-Legend Of The Power Saurus Award winner

Dinosaur Warfare-Legend Of The Power Saurus
by Tiffini Taylor at 13 February 2018, 7:44 AM

Welcome to Dinosaur Warfare! Yes, that is correct, it is filled with the idea of a future of dinosaurs who are vicious and VICTORIUS. This German band takes what we know as humans about dinosaurs to a whole other level. It is spectacular!

The journey begins with a laser sounding intergalactic battle as the first track, “Saurus Infernus Galacticus”, off of “Dinosaur Welfare-Legend of the Power Saurus”. Not many will get this album, but they will be missing out. The album continues into Power Metal and shows talent.

“Dinosaur Welfare” has great guitars and vocally a good voice. The drums are continuously beating and it seems like guitar is in a race with the drums, it all works very well. This is what explains Power Metal in one song. The idea that there is a dinosaur holy war may be farfetched to some, but there is good musicianship. This song is unique in a lyrical way. Cosplayers will rally around this song, and just maybe around the entire EP.

Some of this reminds me of the music out of Japan that plays in anime, maybe anime will adapt to this dinosaur welfare idea and contact the band. There is quite a culture that will love this. This would make a great comic book, as well. So, back to the music with, “Legend of the Power Saurus”, the guitar solo in the beginning is simply awesome. It will completely please the ears. This is a good song. It really gets grooving as well.

“Lazertooth Tiger” and “Razorblade Raptor”, what can I say? They maybe the best song titles I’ve heard in a very long time. The tiger sounds more like a motorcycle starting, which is fantastic. The pace is great, the power of the instruments is awe-striking. “Razorblade Raptor” is fast and relentless. Go Raptor!

The ending of the EP is titled “Flames of Armageddon” and it is glorious. Fast and ferocious. This will be the sound of the world ending. The musicianship, creativity and imagination throughout this album is greatly appreciated. The artistry is in the talent, the talent has imagination that very few bands, such as STARSET and GWAR, have been able to accomplish well in any genre of music. I want this band to play DragonCon here in Atlanta. The deadpool dinosaurs can use this as their theme song this year in the parade. Seriously speaking though, this is very impressive music.

Songwriting- 9
Originality- 10
Memorability- 10
Production- 9

5 Star Rating

1. Saurus Infernus Galacticus
2. Dinosaur Welfare
3. Legend of the Power Saurus
4. Lazertooth Tiger
5. Razorblade Raptor
6. Flames of Armageddon
David Baßin – Vocals
Dirk Scharsich – Guitars
Andreas Dockhorn - Bass
Florian Zack – Guitars
Frank Koppe – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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Edited 05 February 2023

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