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Victorius - The Awakening Award winner

The Awakening
by Joellen "FreshMetalGal" Patterson at 08 August 2013, 1:48 PM

Some days an album comes across your desk that is so enjoyable that you forget you’re supposed to be reviewing it. I find I’m rendered all thumbs when it comes to typing up a review for German Power Metallers VICTORIOUS and their latest release, “The Awakening”, but I’ll give it a shot…

Have you ever watched a reel-to-reel movie where the film has run completely out of one reel and is clickety-clickety-clickety scraping the other? Well, that’s the speed at which Dirk, Andreas and Sebastian rocket through their riffs. My God, did someone lose a fingertip with that scream at the end of “The Age of Tyranny”? It’s far less impressive that they made machine guns seem like they were shooting at a ballad’s tempo than the fact that they mastered the technique without an errant pitch.

Riffs of that caliber are often followed by screams, grunts and growls. I was quite glad and amazed at David’s clear diction, power and wide vocal range. He even screams melodically (“Starfire”). How many can do that? Amidst all the high-speed propulsion through the tracks, we catch our breath with a passionate mid-tempo tale of “Demon Legions.” No doubt, VICTORIOUS could start a social revolution with this album, particularly with “Call for Resistance” and the concluding track “Metalheart”.

A definite plus overall was the existence of understandable lyrics inviting a sing-along, while a mesmeric guitar / drum vortex swirled about. They could have had us singing their grocery list and we would have done it most willingly.

Metalhearts new and old, I believe you’ll find this album get-onboard-able, highly listenable, easily head-bangable, often air-guitarable (don’t hurt your wrists, now) and definitely replayable!

4 Star Rating

1. Age of Tyranny
2. Starfire
3. The Awakening
4. Lake of Hope
5. Under Burning Skies
6. Black Sun
7. Demon Legions
8. Through the Deadlands
9. Call for Resistance
10. Kings Reborn
11. Metalheart
David - Vocals
Dirk - Guitars
Andreas - Bass
Sebastian - Guitars
Patrick - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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