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Video Nasties – Dominion

Video Nasties
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 24 March 2020, 12:18 PM

Scouse Black ‘n’ Roll 5-piece VIDEO NASTIES, release their first full-length album. The songs Transvoltum and Viva Deth were released in 2017 and 2018 respectively as singles. Let’s hear what these guys have in store.

Stay Gold” has a very distorted intro, it rolls into a spoken verse as an intro. The instrumentals soon kick in, building up a melody. The vocals burst onto the scene full of energy, it is a great start to the album. The pace set is decent, easy to follow and the melodies seem to expanding further the song goes. This song is seemingly allowing us to hear what the band has to offer, and it is brilliant. Good start, aggressive without showing too much, raw but easy to follow.

Hanging Tree” has another spoken intro, but only short. The music itself kicks in shortly into the song. The pace is decent again, and its easy to follow. The melodies running through the song are decent and the song progresses well. The song doesn’t have a huge amount if change going for it, but its like if you mix the Shock styles of WEDNESDAY 13 and the ideas of ALESTORM, just changing the ideas, then making it a lot heavier. It’s a great mix, something different and unexpected.

Helvetica” has a catchy start, not going with any spoken word, mixing it up, which is good to hear. Its not as heavy as before, but it is balanced very well and it does not lose any of the ideas we have heard so far. The pace goes well with the melodies thrown out, and although it is slower, I cant help but like it. Its like the upgrade needed from WEDNESDAY 13. The technical play comes into towards the end to help it close at a heavier level. It’s a strong song

Transvoltum” has a funky start, not what I was expecting at all, more new styles thrown into the mixer. The vocals are as aggressive as ever, but again are easy to follow. The melodies seem to enhance the vocals, showing them off somewhat. It’s a song which is different to what we have heard, but its another one that I love. It has a spoken verse in the middle of the song to allow the build up of instrumentals to strum along in the background before going in heavier.

Red of Night” has more of a progressive start, but this does not last long, shit hits the fan. The song is easy to follow, and its changes a few times, seemingly so we can keep up. It is just a great song and a great style. The harmonies in here are brilliant, mixing it up, but reverting to a sound that really works.

Viva Deth” starts off slowly, building up gently from an intro segment. The usual mix of intense vocals and instrumentals are here, maybe a bit subdued, but it allows the technical brilliance to shine through more, it builds up the paces without exploding, but in doing so keeps the balance superbly.

Drone Eagle” starts off rapid and heavier than “Viva Deth”. The song progresses through the paces perfectly. The song has a mini breakdown towards the end, and in doing so becomes heavier. The balance is once more kept tightly together, the aggression is still there, but now the guitars are adding a bit more flair, it’s a great new addition. More Thrash styles like EXODOS would be proud of, and that can never be an insult.

Stabbing Nightmare” returns with the spoken word intro, but lasts seconds before the music hits. The melodies are heavier, like at the start of the album. The song presses through, changing the pace up and down, but in a way that it is done, it’s done perfectly. It’s a shorter song, so less changes, but take nothing away, still a great song, still unskipable like the rest of this album is.

Dominion” here comes the album titled song. It has an electronica style into, something we may hear from DEPECHE MODE, was not expecting this. Another trick they pull out the bag. This one just acts as an intro to the final song. “They Rise” plays off the intro, before kicking it up the gears. The aggression from the vocals returns in full form. The pace is set to a solid level which we have enjoyed on the album this far. The song seems unwilling to just fade away as an outro. The song is showing true aggression, more Hardcore, like a TERROR or LIONHEART vocals in stages. Its just more skills the band has to allow us to keep enjoying the album and it makes the songs feel in no way repeated or stale. The weird DEPECHE MODE style electronics are used with a spoken sample close out the song, stylish. Brilliant!

This is a style that I never knew I wanted, but I now know I need it more. Phenomenal album, the Scousers can be proud of this album. Keep it coming! So many different styles, many if which we have heard similar to before, but not many have we heard better. I cannot find a fault at all with this album. Possibly one of the best debut album I have heard in a very long time

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Stay Gold
2. Hanging Tree
3. Helvetica
4. Transvoltum
5. Red of Night
6. Viva Deth
7. Drone Eagle
8. Stabbing Nightmare
9. Dominion
10. They Rise
Damian von Talbot – Lead Vocals
Tommy Lloyd – Guitars
Rick Owen – Bass Guitar
Stu Taylor – Guitars
Dave Archer – Drums
Record Label: APF Records


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