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Vigilance – Steeds Of Time

Steeds Of Time
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 December 2011, 4:53 PM

When I came to know VIGILANCE, which was just last week, I knew that I was looking into a vision of a single person, a single Metalhead that I came to know that was once close to glory until life’s uneven ventures crossed his path and slammed his wishes with the disperse of his earlier band. The way I see it, this new Slovenian crew originated from its lead guitarist’s, Gilian Adam, experience with his older band, RAGER that was put to rest almost a year ago. Frankly, after listening to “Steeds Of Time”, the debut EP of the band that linked a deal with Haliaetum Records, for several of times, I was still perplexed about these guys while missing the older RAGER in the same time.

VIGILANCE, unlike the majority of new born bands in the region, chose to follow the first wave of Speed Metal and NWOBHM. Their music seized some of earlier IRON MAIDEN motifs that were dominant in the band’s first two albums, several of the up tempo beats of MOTORHEAD and the rest of the earlier British style. Furthermore, the production that was carried throughout the release is equally vintage in orientation as the music offered. Fans of the old NWOBHM machine will be captivated by the fine sounds of past. In general, as it seems, this EP should have skyrocketed, yet, I believe that there is a road to go before reaching closer to the top.

As much as I am a fan NWOBHM and admire its impact on almost every Metal subgenre, VIGILANCE should take strong notice to their music as it is too highly close to IRON MAIDEN’s efforts on “Iron Maiden” and “Killers”. I know that many bands incorporated the same beats and rhythms that were prior used and played by tons of bands before, yet sometimes it’s too much of what I call a “close call”. For example, my favorite track of the EP, “The White Horde”, is a close version to “Phantom Of The Opera”, an IRON MAIDEN track that I am crazy fan of. In addition, and that incoming aspect concerns a member of the lineup and I mean vocalist, Jakob Rejec, I felt like this guy was holding out on me with his voice. After blistering with high pitch on the intro of “Vigilance”, which should have been the blasting track as this is the band’s name this guys just went on being a normal mid singer without diversity. It was like touching a treasure as it begins to fade away. Rejec has got a fine voice and I believe that he should give himself in full to the recordings.

Nonetheless, I also know, mainly from what I have heard, the VIGILANCE band has got the right attitude and talent to make a gold NWOBHM album. When I listen to younger groups like ENFORCER, HELVETETS PORT and even the late RAGER playing this kind of music, I know that there is hope for the lost father of everything played today. I think that VIGILANCE produced a good outcome for a first presentation but they should hang on to this Metal subgenre but with their own signature on it, and I don’t mean by sound alone.   

3 Star Rating

1. Vigilance
2. Out of the Sun
3. Steeds of Time
4. Iron Beast
5. The White Horde 
Jakob Rejec– Vocals / Guitars
Gilian Adam– Guitars
Anze Stegal – Bass
Tine Kaluza- Drums
Record Label: Haliaetum Records


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