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VII Gates - Fire, Walk With Me (CD)

VII Gates
Fire, Walk With Me
by Alex Farmakis at 03 January 2005, 6:50 AM

VII Gates is a new band. We could say that it's a band of the new millennium's first decade because all their releases were done after 2000. It's always nice to see a new band play such good music as VII Gates do.
VII Gates was formed in 1999 and they wrote their first demo in 2001. After two more demos, the first one in 2001 and the second in 2002, they managed to sign a deal with a record company and about a year ago they released their first album under the name Fire, Walk With Me.
VII Gates play typical stuff yet very good Heavy/Power Metal. In Fire, Walk With Me we find many mid-tempo songs. At this point I have to say that I generally prefer listening to fast and up-tempo songs rather than mid-tempo ones, but I really enjoyed Fire, Walk With Me even though most songs are mid-tempo. And something else, Fire, Walk With Me also has fast and up-tempo songs. I never said that it is an entirely mid-tempo album.
In my opinion their sound is closer to the European school of Heavy/Power Metal, but it has some touches of American sound in it. They have very good ideas on the guitars and the drums and the bass make a good, solid base for all the songs. The keyboards are not the basis of their music but they are always in there following the other instruments and completing their work. Criss Blackburn does a very good job at the vocals and he doesn't have any problems singing all the songs in every frequency that they demand he sings in.
To conclude I will say that I suggest this album to everyone that likes listening to Heavy/Power Metal and doesn't have a problem listening to new bands. For all those that believe that the new bands do not have something to say… You will lose.
- Album Highlights: So Far Away, Love Ballet, The Madman Inside.

4 Star Rating

Bounded By Hate
The Saviour
Seconds Left To Live
Under The Crossed Bones
So Far Away
Love Ballet
A Dark Room Of My Mind
Like A Rock
The Madman Inside
Tim Diaz - Keyboards, Guitars
Moe Ason - Bass
Criss Blackburn - Vocals
Robert Basti Makek - Guitars
JJ Rockford - Guitars
Mick van Slowfoot - Drums
Record Label: Sound Riot Records


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