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Viking Crown - Banished Rhythmic Hate (CD)

Viking Crown
Banished Rhythmic Hate
by Chris Manouras at 04 March 2002, 2:04 AM

Banished production! Rhythmic perversion! and plenty of Hate for every living soul would be the main features of Viking Crown's black metal album.
Combining some imposing keyboards and grating guitar riffs, Viking Crown manage to form a rather haunting atmosphere, full of perversion and horror for the listener.
Unfortunately the entire effort of conveying this dark and unholy feeling, along with impending doom, is diminished by the low quality audio and the annoying repetition throughout each song. The squealish and badly distorted vocals, along with the almost non-existent lyrics add another negative point to the whole work. The keyboards, though imposing and haunting, end up being boring and noisy in some parts.
Another negative is the fact that most of the songs are instrumental or keyboard-based, confining the thrashing guitars that are hidden behind the horrid screams.
Although some of their songs could easily adorn the background of a horror movie, Viking Crown need a lot of hard work (and certainly a better production!!!) to reach an eligible result.

1 Star Rating

 Christianity Has No Chance
 Possessed (From Within)
 Banished Rhythmic Hate
 Contemplating the Pitch Black
 View of a Desolate Wasteland
 Swallowed by Black Mass
 Accepting the Rise of Satanism
 Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering
 Draped in Treachery
 The Woods Own Countless Voices
 Poisoned by the Blood of Christ
Killjoy - Vocals
Philip Anselmo - Guitars
Opal Enthroned - Keyboards
Record Label: Season of Mist


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