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Vile Regression - Empires Award winner

Vile Regression
by Calen Nesten at 17 July 2014, 12:15 PM

Dublin based VILE REGRESSION release their full-length album, “Empires”, on July 21, 2014. Shortly after reforming in 2010 from the remnants of VISITOR Q, Vile Regression recorded their EP “The Pattern Evolves” in 2011. VILE REGRESSION’s latest release is a meritorious example of how metalcore should sound. Blasting double bass drums and heavy bass supply the ingredients for some seriously heavy breakdowns with solid, brutal guitar work and high energy, roaring vocals. It’s not hard to become overwhelmed with the amount of raw metal happening on this album so the band was kind enough to supply two beautiful instrumental tracks, “Dream of the Red Chamber” and “Down to a Sunless Sea” to momentarily take the edge off.

The album focuses on self-actualization, self-esteem, and overall positivity, a divergence from their previous album that primarily dealt with corruption, greed and treachery VILE REGRESSION’s message of positivity is refreshing in a genre famous for inciting anger and angst. “Raze the Complexity” deals with the problem of apathy’s role in dragging generations into self-loathing and depression and how living positively can break through the clouds of doubt and monotony, commanding the listener to “shatter your angst” and remain strong through life’s more unbearable moments. “Thought Replication” deals with the struggle of remaining mentally vigilant in the face of failure. The song is a reminder that struggles and failure are a part of life and in no way measure someone’s worth and can be overcome through positive reflection and perseverance. The band diverges from the self-actualization theme in the songs “The Abstract” and “The Empyrean Divide” which deal more with social issues like the oppression of speech and the ever growing divide between common society and the few in power, reminding us that change cannot be achieved without respect, positivity and unity. It’s a great moment when you can get a dose of positivity in your music without having to resort to ear pollution like THE STORY SO FAR.
VILE REGRESSION has created a powerful and innovative album that will undoubtedly be talked about for years, be sure to check out “Empires” as soon as possible.

5 Star Rating

1. Tides
2. Raze the Complexity
3. Dream of the Red Chamber
4. Thought Replication
5. The Abstract
6. Down to a Sunless Sea
7. The Empyrean Divide
Baz Christie - Guitar
Kenn Christie - Bass
Robb Behan - Drums
Padraig Croke - Vocals
Brian Brady - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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