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Vince Dicola - Only Time Will Tell

Vince Dicola
Only Time Will Tell
by Craig Rider at 26 July 2021, 2:27 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VINCE DICOLA; signed via Escape Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Melodic Rock, on the debut album entitled: “Only Time Will Tell” (released June 11th, 2021).

VINCE DICOLA is famed for his illustrious soundtrack scores within many composed films from the triumphant ROCKY IV (Original Motion Picture Score by Vince Dicola) & the juggernaut titan: THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (Original Motion Picture Score By Vince Dicola); amongst a few other renditions ranging through to the ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS (Original Game Soundtrack), and a solo project titled “Piano Solos” where we would be introduced to this Melodic Rock representation with this new offering: “Only Time Will Tell”. 13 tracks ranging at around over 1 hour; Vince Dicola arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Melodic Rock developments, interspersed with this wide lineup of guest vocalists/session musicians who he envisioned and brought in who would be perfect for the role.

Opening up with "Bound And Gagged" this vibrantly potent rhythm within this sulfurous synthetic on melodic trance, operatic heft and electronic rips rift with rumbling reverberation while surging with sturdy jumpiness while punchy technicalities progressively revel with organic substance amongst a rocking virtuosity on quintessential verve where Rick Livingstone (THREAD + AGENT) sings with upbeat èclat. Enthralled with mesmerising tonality, thudding shreds from elegantly exquisite harmonist Vince DiCola who attributes a hybrid experimentation in uniquely versatile remedies that will rock your world in no time. "Karla" introduces Vince's vocal prowess with throaty synergy, and a ballady-esque hymn harbours a fluidly captivating performance where wondrous songwriting musicianship manifests with feel-good but conceptual executions excel at a borderline foundation in flamboyant instrumental finesse that will surely start your day off right.

"Miracles" transpires with more salubrious zeal where Jason Scheff (of CHICAGO) on vocals unearths mellifluous pipes while more meticulous sublimities outrès with panache, strife & sweeping solidities that revolve with classical excellency. As a bluesy contrast crafts an enlightening diligence in dexterously dynamic vigour where nimble adversities channel complexly creative distinctions in distinguished elements implement a relishing ramification on opera-rock significance. "Just Hanging On" examines this profusely, as a gravitation boundary in immersively detailed yet otherworldly spellbinds hook a catchy calamity epicly - as Ellis Hall from TOWER POWER demonstrates funky jazziness, distilling seamless variety on vervacious aesthetics and thrilling maelstrom orchestration that supply with adventurously ambitious ebbs, flowing with these AOR deliveries on sanguine fabrications.

"She's My Last Mistake" is a typical love anthem, as trepidations of loss flairs with mountainous serenity & utmost furore. Featuring a dazzling array of feverish buoyancy, effervescence & towering mellow where moody yet spirited but heartfelt singing mobilities attribute at a blissfully engaging impact from the marvellous Stan Bush who sings with splendid haze. Elsewhere, "You're Not Alone Tonight" transpires with similar rosè as cheery but suave tranquility utilises quaint exile and cinematic yet traditional rock solitudes on tuneful mystique where Vince once again shows off his apt gusto while the flexibly fundamental diversities in musical pomp profoundly rocks through you.

"Stay/Exit Wound" indulges in charismatic calibre as infamous TOTO extraordinaire Bobby Kimball sings with prodigiously prestigious pep while this appealing transgression in densely electrical chemistry where this soothing yet superlative ballad approaches with this swift twist on prog technicalities within Vince's miraculous keyboardist skills. Moving onto the titular track & "Broken Glass" Steve Walsh from KANSAS / STREET articulates in a chirpy but memorably strident architype harnesses a weaving vibrato pattern which will make you sing along in no time or hum happily to the tastefully potent tones that surround you with.

"Living In A Daydream" is a celestial captivation in heavenly divinity; where Mark Boals from YNGWIE MALMSTEEN sings his heart out with breathtaking liveliness, shrouded with prolific material which showcases an authentically frenetic characteristic in immersive imagination and dulcet continuums in which reveres with pivotally painstaking musicalities while "No Risk, No Glory" grandeurs with towering punchline jumpiness - where these exceptional chords from Bob Reynolds heightens with dignified brio while the penultimate track: "I'm Not In Love For Nothing" sermonizes with radio-friendly solace while this striking vocal performance from Vince once again embellishes on funky excellency while the overall concluding effort "Suffer The Children" conjures another embodiment of angelic grace, completing the record with this exuberant but efflorescent  aptitude from Steve once more - flourishing brilliantly with resounding masterclass proficiency.

Bottom line; VINCE DICOLA most certainly delivered an immersive but detailed recording which revels with enjoyably entertaining liveliness, distributing an arduous passion on musical innovation in which portrays a fashionable approach to traditional, neo-prog-rock robustly. Worthy of spinning a good handful of times should you fancy an upbeating yet positive listen, do check it out - but don't expect anything intensely heavy.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Bound & Gagged (Lead Vocal: Rick Livingston x Thread / Agent)
2. Karla (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
3. Miracles (Lead Vocal: Jason Scheff of Chicago)
4. Just Hanging On (Lead Vocal: Ellis Hall x Tower Power)
5. She’s My Last Mistake (Lead Vocal: Stan Bush)
6. You’re Not Alone Tonight (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
7. Stay/Exit Wound (Lead Vocal: Bobby Kimball x TOTO)
8. Only Time Will Tell  (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)
9. Broken Glass 4:41 (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)
10. Living in a Daydream (Lead Vocal: Mark Boals x Yngwie Malmsteen)
11. No Risk, No Glory (Lead Vocal: Bob Reynolds)
12. I’m Not in Love for Nothing (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
13. Suffer the Children (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)
Vince DiCola - Everything
Record Label: Escape Music


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