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Vindicator - Communal Decay

Communal Decay
by Andrew Harvey at 24 November 2022, 4:04 AM

Thrash metal heads VINDICATOR have been on the go since 2005 when the two brothers VIC and JESSE STOWN got another band going after their own band VIOLENT NIGHT broke up. After this singer MARSHALL LAW joined the lineup that evolved into the band VINDICATOR as ex-VIOLENT NIGHT member WAYNE HOLOCAUST came in. Then both the brothers VIC and JESSE along with  WAYNE  brought VIOLENT NIGHT back from the shadows into existence as VINDICATOR also continued. The band VINDICATOR themselves released two demos in 2005 and 2006 before they brought their debut album THERE WILL BE BLOOD in 2008. Their sophomore album came in 2010 which was THE ANTIQUE WITCHERIES followed closely by their third album UNITED WE FALL in 2012.

Then two EP releases came which were SLEEPING WITH EVIL in 2014 and DOG BENEATH THE SKIN in 2020. Now they return with a fourth album beginning with an intro track called “Hymns Of Oblivion” as noisy guitar kicks the album into motion. Vocals speak up as the first sound we hear is a mellow crescendo sound effect like a whoosh. Then drums boost the overall mix with chopping guitar riffs. The tempo is steady and settled nicely as two guitar parts surge through with drums throwing in faster phases of action. Even the sound of double kick maybe as the induced guitar takes us into the next track which is “Kill The Rich”. Varied guitar rhythm is clear cut in this track as vocals speak of social issues yet speak ill of wealthy people.

Guitar sparks some or possibly more vibrato and tweaks of insinuating high pitched snarls. Vocals do give the other instrumentation some space as a narrator voice almost speaks over but hides after a short time for the transition into the next track. “Oxidative Stress” with heavy burdened guitar as a guitar vibrato accompanies the other electric guitar. Vocals take another time out as drums carry out confrontational behaviour. “Life Support” with thumping backbeats as guitar goes with as vocals don’t come as less drums interrupt vamping up. Vocals and drums seem to both accent and highlight the main parts of this track as we go into the next track. “Poison In Us” as another beating heart of kick drums rolls in this track as the guitar almost deviates from what it played before. Vocal backing comes in too as drums force the track to go into overdrive as we heard into the next track.

“Social Schism” as a drum intro like no other bashes the wall of sound as vocals speak more of social issues and guitar takes it spot for solo work then accompanying instruments rejoin. Electric guitar is ecstatic and just tremendous. The next track is actually a short enough track titled “Flies On The Wall” where guitar electrifies on this solo extravaganza going in for a short minute and a half where we can hear more of the touches of how guitar is played so well. However the final track is “Spiders” as we hear electric guitar fire into attack with vibrato and picking notes. Drums also step up with double kick rhythms as there is so much to admire about this band. There is that sense of togetherness and unity as the band pull to stand up and take a bow because they deserve a round of applause for this finale. This final track certainly creates the finish we want from a thrash band so look no further than these metal heads for throbbing bursts of glorious stamping force of thrash full of meat and filth indeed.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hymns Of Oblivion
2. Kill The Rich
3. Oxidative Stress
4. Life Support
5. Poison In Us
6. Social Schism
7. Flies On The Wall
8. Spiders
Vic Stown - Vocals and Guitars (Rhythm)
Billy Zahn - Guitars (Lead)
Ed Stephens - Bass Guitar
Jesse Stown - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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