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Vinnie Moore - A Collection: The Sharpnel Years (CD)

Vinnie Moore
A Collection: The Sharpnel Years
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 10 July 2006, 2:15 AM

Oh fucking cool, yeah! At last, a proper collection for a kind of underestimated guitar God of our times! Of course we're talking about Mr. Vinnie the mighty Moore! During the 64 minutes and 57 seconds of this album, you will find yourself surrounded by unique melodies (quite often baroque type ones) plus high walls of a pounding rhythm section that build up one of the finest sceneries for letting Vinnie explore his dream and express the depths of his emotions and talent in a unique way!
His melodies and sense of musicality can often lead you to getting a heart attack and they sometimes tear your poor heart and brain apart! Experimental attitude, big time guitar shredding,  top quality playing by all of the participating musicians raise the quality of this album to a higher plateau and make it an almost must buy. There is no reason to point out that if you are a six string lover and you haven't had the chance to dig into Vinnie's works then this is a fine chance for you to start your journey now!
What you get to listen to here is a collection of 12 instrumentals performed by Vinnie and his band that can give a prelude of his whole work as an artist. One of the few songs that would make this compilation more extraordinary is the passionate and over sensitive The Rain but that's ok anyway since the fantastic and full of melody Out And Beyond can almost substitute it. Vinnie's addiction for neo classical progressive music is self proven and obvious here and throughout his work too. So if you also like Yngwie and stuff like that, there is plenty of sonic food to devour here! Of course it would be a compromise to say that Vinnie's style contains only elements of neo-classical stuff since his sonic spectrum has a wide range of styles from heavy rock to classical guitar influences.
There are also two live songs found in this CD, Meltdown and Check It Out! which alter the whole climate and offer us another vibe of Vinnie. If you want to  start digging into the magic depths of guitar in general or Vinnie Moore, especially this CD is a fine chance for the beginning of your trip to the lands only this type of music can offer!
- Album Highlights:: In Control, Daydream, Lifeforce, Cryptic Dreams, Alexander The Great and of course Out And Beyond.  Special thanks and dedications go to John Cryptic Dreams Tanoudis.

4 Star Rating

In Control
Hero Without Honor
The Maze
Cryptic Dreams
Defying Gravity
Last Road Home
Alexander The Great
Out And Beyond
Check It Out!
Vinnie Moore - Guitars
Andy West, Dave LaRue - Bass
Dean Costronovo, Steve Smith - Drums
Tony MacAlpine - Keyboards
Record Label: Mascot Records


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