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Vinnie Moore - To The Core (CD)

Vinnie Moore
To The Core
by Grigoris Chronis at 23 May 2009, 7:42 PM

For old school metalheads, his name is associated to the early VICIOUS RUMORS years. Currently his reputation has reached maximum level due to his membership in Rock legends U.F.O., plus known are his 'guest' contributions to the making of Alice Cooper's Hey Stoopid! (1991 - toured with the band for awhile, too) and Jordan Rudess' Rhythm Of Time (2004) releases. Still, 'guitar virtuoso' maniacs are already aware of the American 6-string wizard's career, spanning almost a quarter of a century. So, here is Vinnie's latest offering, called To The Core, nearly a decade after his previous Defying Gravity CD.
Cannot get the album's title, to be honest. Maybe I expected the 'core' word to lead me to something quite primal and in-your-face (checking again, maybe it has to do with the The Core recording studios where I read the sessions took place). Things, however, are somehow different but - eventually - of matching quality; and that's the one that really matters. It's quite difficult to review an instrumental album, to be precise, since there's not enough to judge on (especially when the artist is a respected one) and words don't come out that easy. Hence, some criteria shelter is to be found in the transitions variety and overall sensation that may - or may not - come off the songlist.
Vinnie is a rocker and that's an easy verdict. Still, in his late works (meaning his post-80s activities, haha!) the charismatic guitarist has also embodied different beats to step on in order to unveil his whole phrasing personality as a shredder…and not only. In To The Core we see Vinnie using groovy - almost R&B or Hip-Hop - beats to express his more cool/chill-out side while more straightforward rockers (similar to the Satriani/Vai standards) are also present to feed the listener's established hunger. Dunno if this late spring release was planned on purpose, but truth is the album has a sunshine feeling and listening to it while sailing or spending time on the seaside on a sunny day can as well act as the most fitting scenario to swallow the songlist.
While waiting for U.F.O.'s upcoming The Visitor album, Vinnie finds the time to impress us with his newest solo release…again. Cannot jump on a conclusion regarding this album's contribution to the man's whole discography (and of course Vinnie can be a shredder or a man with a velvet touch whenever he wants so - or even both at the same time!), so let's just say that open-minded guitar lovers shall have some nice company with To The Core in the future. Vinnie Moore is a creative songwriter and that's understood; plus, To The Core is a tempting solo release and that's another success.

P.S.: The sax in Soul Caravan is a killer…

3 Star Rating

Panic Attack
Off The Hook
Soul Caravan
Over My Head   
Into The Open Highway
Into The Sunset
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Van Romaine - Drums
John J.D. DeServio - Bass
Tim Lehner - Keyboards
Record Label: Mascot Records


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