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Vintage Warlords - The Invisible Foe Award winner

Vintage Warlords
The Invisible Foe
by Michael Coyle at 19 September 2015, 2:47 PM

A new Death/Doom band based in the United States, there is not much I can really tell you all about this band except for what we have on these three songs from their recently released EP entitled “The invisible Foe”. I will say that I do find the mixture of both Death and Doom to be something I can admire as I am a fan of a particular Death/Doom band which happens to be the mighty Asphyx.

“Exodus of Souls”
The start of the EP's first track starts off strong with some very interesting and visual sounds that work well as an opener for the track’s true strength, which, for those curious, is a force of aggressive, raw and relentless tones, which break through this wall of sound with ease and extremity. I really feel that this track holds a lot of the band’s emotions in it's purest form, as well as bringing together some very crushing tones that showcase the band’s extensive sounds and skill, as well as the band’s vision, with what they wanted when creating this track and I feel as well the EP.

“The invisible Foe”
Starting off fast and strong, the EP's title track really shows us the band as a whole, in terms of their death metal side, of the two elements that they carry. The track proceeds to show us what we can expect from this band’s future and what we can expect when watching them live, as there is this incredible, if not unique, energy that the band shows us, as well as showing us what they can do with it as well, which is truly amazing to see in a modern age band of this caliber. The vocals on this track are the way you would expect from a band with this energy, as well as some of the best guitar work you will find in modern death metal, I feel.

“From Orange to Grey”
Really starting on a different note compared to the EP's previous tracks, we see the band start off with more of their Doom element mixed with fast and very rhythmic based drums, which shows us that the band have ideas that can be mixed with one or more of their preferred tastes in extreme music, for example, we have seen the first song mix them both together, while with the second song we have seen the band go more into their death metal roots, and now we see the band go more into their Doom roots which is fascinating really, as there really are not that many bands that do this kind of thing from my knowledge; well not a lot in today’s music, but there are few who try this method out and really VINTAGE WARLORDS know just how to perfect it.

To conclude I feel that VINTAGE WARLORDS is a band that have a lot to offer and I personally feel that this band has a future when it comes to showing the old class of extreme music a thing or two.

4 Star Rating

1. Exodus of Souls
2. The invisible Foe
3. From Orange to Grey
Conor Byers - Vocals
Thomas Haywood - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Record Label: Independent


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