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Violator - The Hidden Face of Death

The Hidden Face of Death
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 08 December 2017, 7:42 AM

We can say that Brazil has a long tradition with Thrash Metal bands. Our country is known for many names, both from modern and Old School ways. But VIOLATOR, an insane quartet from Brasília (the capital from the country) is one of the most notorious Brazilian Thrash Metal bands. After four years since the release of their latest album, “Scenarios of Brutality”, they are back with this EP, called “The Hidden Face of Death”.

The old formula they used, that some call Retro-Thrash Metal (due the strong influence from bands of the 80s) apparently was eroded, so they evolved into a new form: along with the aggressive fast parts, we can hear some slow paced moments, along with a more brutal and violent grasping insight that come from SLAYER on their earlier works. It sounds bitter, heavy and raw, but it fits perfectly on what they wanted. So we can say that VIOLATOR reinvented their musical genre, and without lose their identity.

The band produced the album, recording all parts on C.L. Áudio Estúdio, in Brasília. But the mixing and the mastering were made by Jarret Pritchard on USA. The final result: a sonority that is raw and dirty, but always guided by the idea that the fans must understand what they are playing. It could be better in terms of instrumental tunes (just a little rawer and it would be perfect), but it sounds very good. This sonority fits on what they want. The artwork for the cover, created by Eric Cruz is very good, showing the clear influence from old horror books and films.

Of course that VIOLATOR’s music evolved. And as you can hear on this 7” vinyl version, they are ready for new assaults. “Infernal Rise” shows a very good and darkened slow introduction in the same vein of “Hell Awaits”, before unleashing their fast and furious attack of guitar riffs and nasty solos (but pay attention to the rhythmic changes). And on the other side of the vinyl is “False Messiah” (by the name, we can think if the lyrics is not a protest against a conservative politician on Brazil that loves the military dictatorship that tormented and killed people here for 21 years) is excellent, worked with fine instrumental arrangements, and shows the rhythmic diversity that permeates the first song, with fine vocals and very good presence from bass guitar and drums. This version is limited to 300 copies hand numbered, and comes with a poster and a sticker.

The CD version has some bonus songs: their personal versions for “Nausea” from HERESY (an old Hardcore English band from the 80s) and “Igreja Universal” (of Brazilian Hardcore/Crossover gods from RATOS DE PORÃO), and two live tracks: “United for Thrash” and “Deadly Sadistic Experiments”, recorded on Kill Again Metal Fest 2011. This version is limited as well, but to 1000 copies, and comes with a bonus and a sticker as well if you buy the first 200 copies.

“The Hidden Face of Death” marks a new age for VIOLATOR, and serves as well to show that the quartet is alive and furious, and maybe this EP comes to prepare the fans for a new album. Let’s hope it will come soon!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Infernal Rise
2. False Messiah
Poney - Bass, Vocals
Capaça - Guitars
Cambito - Guitars
Batera - Drums
Record Label: Kill Again Records


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