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Violblast - Conflict

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 March 2017, 12:02 AM

The massive swarm still rages on and on. Thinking about it, I definitely lost track of how far and wide its magnitude is, coming from every angle, every turn and almost every country. This time the target is Spain, and a wonderful chance to get to know another newcomer band that might, or might not, make it to the big leagues. We are dealing with Thrash Metal so everything is possible; it depends on how hard you push. VIOLBLAST recently entered the race to become the next Thrash Metal band, strongly maneuvering to walk the lines of other names in their scene such as ANGELUS APATRIDA and CRISIX, and here they are with a debut album, named “Conflict”, an album that was released via the Spanish label Suspiria Records.

In the same manner of bands of the new age, with the fairly successful Greek SUICIDAL ANGELS as the primary example, VIOLBLAST probably foresaw that thrashing like SLAYER would get them far. However, any Metalhead, whether musician or not, knows that it also about what drives a musician when he or she writes music, and if it sounds and slams like SLAYER, so be it. The songwriting on this album clearly proves of a band that is passionate about enforcing the harsh environment they live in, such as any Thrash Metal band out there, yet, they implemented their ideas into a solid base and composed violent and energetic tunes. Nevertheless, VIOLBLAST might have honored their Thrash Metal gods with this SLAYER driven album, although I gather that die-hard fans of the subgenre would want just a tad more, maybe having the band give just a bit of themselves, our some diversity, as the talent is there.

My ears blazed when “Invisible Death” started playing. In comparison to the other tracks, this one really took the band forward as a powerful Thrash charger, aiming at the classics of the late 80’s, VIOLBLAST should be keeping this direction as their main. With “Conflict” and “Paths of Aggression” provides a quick course of being fanboys of SLAYER, just listen to the soloing, as if Hanneman came back to life and made his appearance. These might not be original, yet VIOLBLAST proved that they had it in them to honor an icon. Fanboys or not, these two pieces show the band’s unmerciful old school perception in good quality.

Another Spanish message, an addition the large collection of appreciations to the bigger players in the field, however, quality is the key to everything, somewhere above originality. VIOLBLAST discharged a solid record and I am positive that their number two would blast even more.

3 Star Rating

1. Deep into Darkness (Intro)
2. Conflict
3. Wielders of Fear
4. Sings of a Murder
5. Invisible Death
6. Reprisal
7. Paths of Aggression
8. Bearing Witness
9. Individuality
Sergio Ruiz  - Drums
Sebas Silvera - Lead Guitars
Santi Turk - Rhythm Guitars
Andrés Perez - Vocals / Bass
Record Label: Suspiria Records


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