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Violence Unleashed - Spawned To Kill (CD)

Violence Unleashed
Spawned To Kill
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 December 2007, 3:23 PM

The band's name and the album's title clearly show the musical genre the band belongs to. If you still haven't understood that VIOLENCE UNLEASHED is a Death Metal band, you are either stupid or blind. Let's see if the band's Death Metal assault is good enough to convince us about VIOLENCE UNLEASHED's potential and make us spend some money on Spawned To Kill.

The German death metallers were formed only last year and were formerly Schumacher's (not the formula 1 driver) solo project, until he found those wonderful session musicians and he decided to enter the studio with them and record the band's first official release, the VIOLENCE UNLEASHED debut album entitled Spawned To Kill.

The band consists of great musicians such as Bercier, a drummer who has proven his blasting abilities at the legendary deathsters QUO VADIS, Thede, who is a member of ERADICATE, and Tretow who also plays in STURM. This line up can produce nothing more than good brutal shit. At least that was my first thought, but I quickly realized that I had to face one more common Death Metal album that copies and pastes the successful recipes many great bands have used in the past.

What if every single member has kick-ass technical skills? The band's composing skills (or should I say Schumacher's?) are nothing more than mediocre, since VIOLENCE UNLEASHED are trying to touch the sound bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, AVULSED and many more have, and the only thing they manage to do is to sound kind of boring.

Spawned To Kill is not a bad album for sure, and the band shows that it has the talent to create something much better than this album, but until then I can't say that I would spend my money on such a release. This album is suggested to you only if you have some spare money and you like almost every Death Metal release out there.

2 Star Rating

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Felix Schumacher - Guitar
Thomas Thede - Vocals
Thomas Tretow - Guitar
Yanic Bercier - Drums
Record Label: Twilight


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