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Violent Attitude If Noticed – Eight

Violent Attitude If Noticed
by H.P. Buttcraft at 04 December 2014, 10:47 PM

I just have to come out and say this; the band’s name, VIOLENT ATTITUDE IF NOTICED, is a terrible name. Its amazing that all five members of the group didn’t have another name they could come up with that was even remotely better than VIOLENT ATTITUDE IF NOTICED. Not only does it fail to explain what the music sounds like but its lameness equates to an art student turning in a crude doodle of a penis as an art assignment. And the acronym that gets made out of the band’s name is even dumber! There’s no way I can condone a band name like V.A.I.N.!

What the music becomes a weird mixture of 1970’s soft rock, house music, with bits-and-pieces of progressive rock, alternative and post-rock thrown in here and there. A lot of the songs are somber and melancholy. You get this overwhelming sense of loneliness and ache from the gentle guitar solos and piano movements like on “Alone Again”. Fans of THE KILLING JOKE, PORCUPINE TREE or I could even see fans of NINE INCH NAILS or other dark 90’s alternative getting into this.

I feel like this music isn’t necessarily bad. But its one thing to try and achieve a vintage tone, you can’t just record with vintage equipment these days. The method isn’t all that hard to grasp; you obtain modern-day recording technology, lay down your music and then go back in and add your vintage tone on top of recordings that are at a much higher quality than antiquated technologies are capable of capturing.

I think this album passes the point of being unlistenable (albeit the painful guitar solo/jam on “Tomorrow Won’t Happen”, this album’s weakest track) but I think "Eight" fails to pull me into this style of music. I honestly find it surprising this promo came across my proverbial desk but I wrote this review anyways.

2 Star Rating

1. Just Another Day
2. Eight
3. Delirium
4. Alone Again
5. Tomorrow Won’t Happen
6. Handle With Care
7. A Tree Tall Enough
8. Salvation
Will Geraldo – keyboards, vocals
Giulliano P. – Guitar
Cris Pierobon – Bass
Alessandro Luis Queler – Keyboards, Samples
Fabio Souza – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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