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Violent Divine - Hyperactivity Disorder

Violent Divine
Hyperactivity Disorder
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 July 2016, 5:07 PM

Bringing the groove to the table, trying to appear it to be untidy, robust but closer to heaven, an admirable purpose isn't it? Call it modernized Glam Metal, preach it to be Groove Metal, but why not both? This Swedish foursome crew of VIOLENT DIVINE has already made a name for itself earlier in its career, starting in the first half of the previous decade. As it seems they already drew the fire of the media, and there is nothing that could stop them. Coming in with their fourth album, "Hyperactivity Disorder", VIOLENT DIVINE are dropping another bomb of sheer streetwise Metal, puncturing hearts in every turn.

The way I see it, "Hyperactivity Disorder"'s tough musical sense is fueled by groove based Metal but with close proximity to the glamourous nature of Metal while leaving the color pink in the drawer. This about late 80s and early 90s generated Rock meets Metal. It is like an orgy between MOTELY CRUE, a splash of PANTERA, early VOLBEAT, SOIL and SEVENDUST. Generally, the music is riff based, entrusting its tainted soul by meaty guitaring, which at times even praises the tunes with Blues oriented soloing that its patterns are relatively rich. The rhythm section is pretty much simple and to the point. However, it is notable that there is a passion in the vocals, and an impressive production of backing vocals, but also there is a lot of attitude that suits the music perfectly.

The songwriting in the mix is catchy and marketable, no need to be a big brainer to catch these guys' drift due to their commercialized easiness. Nonetheless, there are deeper ends through the tracklist such as "Fail" for instance, one of my album's favorites and surely the emotive of them all. On the other hand, those won't knock on your home door that much, leaving you at the mercy of the heavier tones that simply crack such as the mighty six packing "Worms Beneath", chunky heavy as hell "Heartbroken" or the hook-laden "Incubus".

VIOLENT DIVINE are still true to their name, pushing hard into bashing skulls but keeping the divinity of the music in check. Creating hard hits but with a sense of style within the toughness.

4 Star Rating

1. For I Am Sin
2. Incubus
3. Restart My Heart
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. Temple Of Love
6. Fail
7. Worms Beneath
8. Drown
9. Heartbroken
10. Desolation Boulevard
11. Rain
12. Walking On Thin Ice
13. Bloodshared
Mike - Vocals
Sean-Joel - Guitar
Oscar - Bass
Simon - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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