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Violentor - Rot

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 April 2013, 1:41 PM

A simple minded look about the negativities of life, the need to head up against the power of society and piss on their grandeur, isn’t that some of the aspects of defiance? And why not I ask, as a plural worldwide society, which most of it is free speech oriented, there is a kind of hatred, or better stated, harsh commentary, and about what is going on right in front of our eyes that many choose to recognize as grey spots unimportant. Well some of us do. I don’t know if VIOLENTOR, them being both a Thrash and a Punk band, have been busy on being the critics of modern civilization, but they surely meant business with their provocation and trouble free music. With their second album, “Rot”, via EBM Records, the Italians slackers ride the winds of MOTORHEAD, but slightly a bit rougher and speedier than the British beast.

Going over this album there certainly nothing new, simply a band trying to catch one of the many drifts of the late 80s currents and run through it without taking a tumble. VIOLENTOR wrote music for “Rot” as Metalized Punkheads with certain amount of rawness to keep them company. The catchy rhythms are speedy, easy to manifest, with energetic riffing, mostly power chord driven, with a very few of NWOBHM type melodies, licks and customary soloing. Vocally, the Dog thuds with the same raspy tone, very much the same of how Lemmy used to sound and bark back in the old days, a hungry British dog gone Italian. Sound wise, it is everything that an 80s fan can think about, something in the range of mid to late 80s efforts but with a foretaste of crudeness to match the band’s musical direction.

Though nothing is mind blowing, this album is rather fun to listen to. If one will take care to ease his ears with less complexity and more straightforward action, “Rot” will answer those needs. “Free Spree” is the greatest example of the smooth fusion of Punk and Metal. It just runs along without stopping, always attacking with ferocity, barking a piece of chorus, hit another crumb of guitar soloing, gorging with reoccurring riffing. Although I am not a fan of Punk, at least not that much, it served its purpose and made me a fan. “Rot”, “Daemonical Tutor” and “Breath of Hate” deliver the same type of goods, nothing too threadbare or highly accurate, the latter being heavier than the other chose few, like a black blister. “The Last Sentence”, the final blow on the head, is also the band’s true Metal conception, a bit dark and mysterious, post NWOBHM rupturing speed with heavy riffing and a chilling atmosphere for something that has been Punk oriented. In the end, a bit more than your solid crossover, I suggest on taking a bite of this record.         

3 Star Rating

1. Rot
2. Better Dead than Slave
3. Free Spree
4. Voodoo
5. Rabid Dog
6. Daemonical Tutor
7. Fuck the World
8. Breath of Hate
9. The Last Sentence
Dog – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Idda - Lead Guitar
Rot – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rasha - Drums.
Record Label: EBM Records


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