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Viper Solfa – Carving An Icon Award winner

Viper Solfa
Carving An Iron
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 14 March 2015, 2:49 PM

VIPER SOLFA is a Extreme Metal band from Kristiansand/Sandefjord/Oslo/Hamar in Norway. Band was formed in 2013 and consists of line-up of elite Norwegian names - front-man Ronny Thorsen (TRAIL OF TEARS, TRISTANIA, BLOOD RED THRONE, SCARIOT),  front-woman Miriam "Sphinx" Renvåg (RAM-ZET, ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW), Morfeus (MAYHEM, LIMBONIC ART, DIMENSION F3H), Endre Moe (TRAIL OF TEARS, DIMENSION F3H, CUTTHROAT) and Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (TRAIL OF TEARS, SPHERE). The debut album "Carving an Icon” was released February 20th 2015 via Massacre Records.

I liked the opening song,“Deranged” a lot with pounding drums, interesting sounds & melodic riffs. Miriam’s vocal performance is in a melodic, clean style, while Ronny growls with aggression. It’s a perfect mix, which I like! There are audible echoes, and many death metal influences. These all offer different types vibes which sound great and provide nice connections. Fabulous chorus where the melody and growling with symphonic elements all work well. “Shahansha” provides many different sounds with calm pianos compared to stronger riffs with power and aggressive sounds with growling, shouting and melodic clear singing in the “Deranged”.

“Carving An Iron” provides strong guitars which are aggressive, powerful and also melodic in this titled track! The collaborations are perfect between the drums, bass & guitars! Power & unbelievable energy pour out from this track where aggression, furious, symphonic vibes, and growling mix with amazing gentle melodic vocals of Miriam in the background. I like this mix very much! Powerful sounds mixed with Miriam’s gentle singing, and Ronny’s growling in the background blend together in an excellent way in “Call of Silence”. In this track are influences from doom metal echoed in slower tempos of the music

“The Viper Legion” has great massive riffs, growling, and melodic singing too. Accompanied by heavy, marching drums, and even oriental influences too. Symphonic elements like those found in  DIMMU BORGIR’S style are in “Whispers and Storms” with a death metal rhythmic section and a beautiful chorus. Impressive and melodic riffs are in the excellent track titled “The Toxic Thousands”, and at times it also has aggressive sounds to join more symphonic ones, and Miriam’s gentle singing with growling depth from Ronny.

Also worth to listen are: “War of Zion” with faster drums and powerful music, “Vulture Kingdom“ with brutal, growling from Ronny, and mixed melodic clear singing from Miriam, which sound great, and “Funeral of Kings” with mix of energetic rhythm, Miriam’s vocals, & death metal elements.

The debut album of VIPER SOLFA is highly recommended listening for every metalhead who wants to hear Extreme Metal with doses of brutality, symphonic element,s and duo male and female vocals. The quality of the sound is produced on a high level with excellent connections among sub-genres. It is really worth a listen to this unique mix of Norwegian experienced metallers. Recommended to fans of ARCH ENEMY, DIMMU BORGIR, AT THE GATES and MAYHEM.

4 Star Rating

1. Deranged
2. Funeral of Kings
3. Carving an Icon
4. The Toxic Thousands
5. Vulture Kingdom
6. Call of Silence
7. War of Zion
8. The Viper Legion
9. Whispers and Storms
10. Shahansha
Ronny Thorsen - Vocals

Miriam "Sphinx" Renvåg - Vocals

Morfeus - Guitars, Keys & Orchestrations

Endre Moe - Bass

Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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