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Viral Load/Putrid Pile - Viral Load/Putrid Pile

Viral Load/Putrid Pile
Viral Load/Putrid Pile
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 November 2010, 6:11 PM

As the promo sheet (a Word document to be more precise) says, the two greatest warriors of brutal, one man Death Metal square off in a historic bout that is sure to level the earth and leave nothing but body parts in its wake. That’s exactly what happens in this split release and these two butchers are sure to make you wanna trash your place!

If you are into ultra brutal Death Metal then this release is just for you, since we are talking about two of the most murderous bands out there right now. Let’s hit it off…
VIRAL LOAD start off with “Dog Food Lube”, a song full of blasting, catchy Death Metal breaks and Whitaker’s guttural vocals. “Methlab Machete Massacre” is VIRAL LOAD’s fastest track in here with shredding guitars and technical riffing all over! Last, but not least, we have a cover of legendary Death/Thrash DEAD HORSE’s “Cod Piece Face” with Shawn Whitaker paying tribute to this humorous act. Do not expect any extraordinary stuff here, since the tempo is probably almost the same but the vocals are of course fucking sick for one more time! If you like Whitaker’s music you can also check his other bands, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, which I personally love, and UNCLEANSED for brutal Death Metal with some more old school influences.

The other half of this split release is covered by Shaun LaCanne and his PUTRID PILE brutal Death Metal war machine! I actually love this band and never managed to hide it, hehehe! Anybody said that a guy with a hat and glasses isn’t Metal? The Wisconsin based one man band begins its part of the split with “The Satisfying Dead”, a track full of blasts and poisonous riffing, which hides some old school Death Metal elements in the background. “A Fitting End” is a more straightforward song that grabs you by the balls from the very first second and doesn’t let the metronome rest even for a second! “Lifeless… Not Useless”, despite of its pretty clever title is even “worse” than “A Fitting End”. We’re talking about total chaos in here! Relentless drumming (even if it is programmed), face melting riffs and bestial vocals that range from guttural singing to hellish screams!

This is a must have release for every brutal Death Metal fan out there! These are two incredible bands that probably put a huge smile on everyone’s face when they announced this split! Go get it now and support such honest musicians!

4 Star Rating

  1. Dog Food Lube (VIRAL LOAD)
  2. Methlab Machete Massacre (VIRAL LOAD)
  3. Cod Piece Face (VIRAL LOAD, DEAD HORSE Cover)
  4. The Satisfying Dead (PUTRID PILE)
  5. A Fitting End (PUTRID PILE)
  6. Lifeless… Not Useless (PUTRID PILE)
Shawn Whitaker – Vocals, All Instruments

Shaun LaCanne – Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Relapse Records


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