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Vircator - Arcano

by Guy "Kai" Naiman at 18 November 2019, 12:11 PM

VIRCATOR are an instrumental Experimental Doom Metal band from Viana do Castelo, Portugal. The quartet have got a single EP and two full-length albums beneath their belts, including the latest, "Arcano". While the band describe their music as "Rock from outer space", it appears to me that "Arcano" doesn't quite live up to that standard. This relatively short record, which contains no more than six tracks, feels rather unimaginative and truthfully to be told, colorless as a record can be. Unlike what one might anticipate, the fact that VIRCATOR is an instrumental project does not weaken the blame of virtually nonexistent production effort, inapt musicianship and flavourless stylistic choices, that badly alternate between the most predictable of Doom Metal, the most tiresome of Shoegaze and the most lifeless of Stoner Rock.

There are, however, traces of hope for VIRCATOR spread throughout the record. These lifelines take the shape of brief, relatively-enjoyable sections that last as long as 25 seconds each; second track, "Lady Fern" debuts such colossal moment at the second minute of the track, between 1:23 and 1:47. Yet another avail can be found at the 1:25 mark of the third track, "Yarrow", this time, solely in courtasy of drummer Paulo. These are glimpses of temporary joy, that unfortunately, break down as quickly as conceived. Generally, the guitar work by Pedro and Gustabo can be described as incredibly monotonous and, in fact, on a handful occasions, either out of tune or out of tempo - which is a clear sign of either a production and guidance shortage, poor guitar skills or creativity, or both. Credit to these mishaps, the tracks on "Arcano" are out of alignment.

I hate to be that guy, but "Arcano" is simply put, inexcusable, and proves that this is a record in which everything that could've gone wrong, did - with the ideas that VIRCATOR could've initially had thought of, buried deep under. I would recommend the Portuguese quartet to recollect themselves and strive towards other, more fruit-bearing, directions.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. Burdock
2. Lady Fern
3. Yarrow
4. Mandrake
5. Agrimony
6. Juniper
Pedro Carvalho – Guitars
Marcelo Peixoto– Bass
Gustavo Ribeiro – Guitars
Paulo Noronha – Drums
Record Label: Raging Planet


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