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Virgil & Steve Howe - Nexus

Virgil & Steve Howe
by Saxon Davids at 07 March 2018, 8:41 AM

An emotional album to touch on; Virgil Howe - well respected composer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, collaborated with his Father, Steve Howe - a guitarist of legendary status most known for his role in Progressive Rock band YES, with plans to release a very special duet album; a collection of atmospheric, emotive and uplifting compositions quite literally bonded by blood. “Nexus” pulls in the best that both musicians of different styles have to offer to create something truly wonderful. Sadly, Virgil unexpectedly passed away on 11th September 2017, which pushed Steve to cancel the remaining 'Yestival' dates to focus on releasing this album paying tribute to his beloved and talented son.

Right off the bat with the title track it has beautiful piano work followed by uplifting guitar melodies that are classic Steve Howe, any YES fan listening to this unknowing of what it is would easily recognize Steve's trademark sound here and later in the album he adds some very gripping and interesting guitar melodies and solos, even using a Sitar for Passing Titan. Clocking in at 40 minutes long this is a quite diverse sounding album with styles varying through classical, jazz and even spacious cinematic tracks with no percussion. I have recently been getting very into instrumental music and this for me was a nice addition to my endeavours in that area, especially with how atmospheric and dreamy the majority of this album is because that is a new area for me entirely and I must say I enjoyed this album a lot, and being a fan of YES I believe Progressive Rock fans will find “Nexus” an enjoyable experience, especially with the emotional back ground this album has attached to it.

My one word of negativity however would be that as I was going through the album, I occasionally had a sense of De-Ja-Vu where I felt I had already listened to this before earlier on in the album, I feel as if some tracks were taken out and the ideas were used to instead evolve and extend other similar songs to make them bigger with larger and more progressive structures, I would have not thrown me off as much. But either way, “Nexus” was none-the-less a very enjoyable and emotionally captivating album and I can see myself returning to this one on evenings where I would just like to sit and take in some captivating and calming music.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Nexus
2. Hidden Planet
3. Leaving Aurura
4. Nick's Star
5. Night Hawk
6. Moon Rising
7. Passing Titan
8. Dawn Mission
9. Astral Plane
10. Infinite Space
11. Freefall
Virgil Howe - Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Bass & Drums
Steve Howe - Acoustic, Electric & Steel Guitars
Record Label: Inside Out Music


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