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Virgin Snatch - Act Of Grace

Virgin Snatch
Act Of Grace
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 April 2010, 8:04 PM

At first I was kind of confused about when this album was released and to tell you the truth I am still not sure, but if I am not mistaken “Act Of Grace” must have been released a couple of years ago and it is now being released in Europe by Indie Distribution. Anyway, that’s not what really matters right now. What really matters is if this quintet can thrash the shit out of you!

Carrying almost a decade under its belt, the Polish act already counts four full-length releases and a strong line up consisted of members that have participated in bands like DECAPITATED, DIES IRAE, SCEPTIC and ANAL STENCH. As it seems, the Polish deathsters decided to leave their Death Metal roots for a while and spend some time on playing Thrash Metal, since “Act Of Grace” can be described as a modern Thrash Metal album.

Their influences range from TESTAMENT (their sound is close enough to “The Formation Of Damnation” and “The Gathering”) to the Polish Thrash Metal scene (ACID DRINKERS, HORRORSCOPE etc). The band uses the combination of brutal and clean vocals to achieve a more diverse and modern sound, something that doesn’t sound bad, not at all, while the heavy sounding guitars spit some pretty good and catchy riffs. With an approximate 43-minute duration, VIRGIN SNATCH (kind of a weird name, huh?) are sure to offer you a more than decent Thrash Metal attack that contains some generous doses of brutality and modern sounds. The speed and the groove are both here to guarantee that. What if you also add the guest solo on “It’s Time” by DECAPITATED’s Vogg?

VIRGIN SNATCH are not the next big thing and I don’t even know if they have the potential to become titans, but they surely offer a nice option with “Act Of Grace”. What I would like to see is these guys on stage. I have the feeling that they are a pretty good live act with the energy their music produces.

3 Star Rating

  1. Act Of Grace
  2. Slap In The Face
  3. Horn Of Plenty
  4. Through Fight We Grow
  5. Walk The Line
  6. Daniel The Jack
  7. M.A.D. (Make A Donation)
  8. Don’t Get Left Behind
  9. It’s Time
Zielony - Vocals
Grysik - Guitar
Hiro - Guitar
Aniol - Bass
Jacko - Drums
Record Label: Mystic Production


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