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Virocracy - Ecophagia Award winner

by Ricardo Casagrande at 22 May 2022, 9:29 AM

VIROCRACY is a Progressive Death metal band from Stuttgart, Germany. Having released a single when they formed in 2018 and again in 2019, they released their first full length album in 2020 called Irradiation. It was a character based album in which you follow someone named Rane through a darkened journey. Now in 2022 they have returned with a post-human era of Earth tale titled Ecophagia, to lead the listener down another dark path.

After a minute long intro where the guitar sets the mood for the track “Devolation”, you are plunged into desolated lands and sinister vocals from Anika. The track features a vicious guitar riff that is a dominant force through the entire song. With everything from a melodic to Black metal sound, it follows a progressive double kick and snare blasts from the drums perfectly. Like the song states, there is a delegation of power from each of the instruments on this track and continues into “Reminisce”. It offers a taste of heavily melodic guitars and a mountainous rumbling bass, Sebastian is a monster on this track, and is relentless with the pace and manufacturing fills. “Aboreal Sleep” is change of pace as it opens with guitar and bass hinging together a unsettling dark melody, before being overtaken by a pounding guitar riff. The vocals are a deep rich growl that is amplified in power by the guitars and a sludgy Death metal riff.

The guitars and bass open up the track with a melancholy feeling in “Uproot” before the vocals and guitars drag the song down to the shadowy depths. A sinister collaboration between the guitars is a highlight on this track as they set up layers of sound by stacking notes upon notes. A very progressive approach with the music comes in on the track “Denial” and becomes the main tone for the majority of it. Drum timings along with the transition from riff to riff is really impressive as it all comes together very fluidly. The bass makes itself known very well on the track as it rides every guitar riff and drum roll with a ground shaking consistency. The album closes up with the song “Ecophagy'' and is the true form of an apocalyptic sense of the destruction of an ecosystem. The music towards the end would fit right into a Japanese video game that has post apocalyptic overtones or a Final Fantasy game. It is well composed and really has a beautiful side to it.

The music on the album is pieced together very well and shows strong creative writing and is well produced. For any drummers out there, the band is currently looking for a drummer to fill the void in the band, but I must warn you and as you will be able to hear for yourself, Sebastian really sets the bar pretty high here. Top notch playing from behind the kit, and the album carries a strong performance from everyone, as it is well collaborated throughout each track. A well done sophomore effort from these talented musicians.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Relict
2. Devolution
3. Reminisce
4. Aboreal Sleep
5. Befallen
6. Bruteus Alpha
7. Uproot
8. Denial
9. Ecophagy
Anika ov Moseberg - Vocals
Alexandre Jelinek - Guitars
Jan Heidelberger - Guitars
Florian Betz - Bass
Sebastian Unic - Studio Drums
Record Label: Apostasy Records


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