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Viserion - Natural Selection

Natural Selection
by Andrew Harvey at 05 September 2021, 4:57 PM

VISERION are a black metal trio from the city of New York (USA), who actually released their EP titled DEATH DEALER last year in 2020. In terms of their style and approach to their sound, they are like a crossover of MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and BEHEMOTH. It was also said that the black metal trio “have already managed to make a solid impression with their music”. Furthermore the band’s music is also described as “raw and caustic, their sound brings together not just black metal, but also elements of death metal and grindcore, giving them an aerobic and bellicose sound”.

So in saying that we have now a full length album that spans over seven tracks altogether to be exact. The title of this album, NATURAL SELECTION is the band’s next step into fulfilling their potential after their EP release last year. This was released earlier this month and is also been released by the band independently as they are signed to any record label as of yet.

“Desolation” is self explanatory almost in the wake of pulsating drums & guitar along with evil, wicked vocals. This first track is the light on the fuse to the explosion and captivating black metal sounds merged with death metal/hardcore elements as well. It’s the intro to this album that is also short but makes its mark into the next track.

“Tortured Soul” pretty much continues in the same way, my favourite part of this track is the creative soloistic drum phrasing which is very dominant within the mix and playing field accompanied by digital sound effects. It may be a shorter track compared to the previous track but gives all the time the vocals & guitar need to come in and out of the sound field without causing any distraction from what we hear already.

“Vaporized” which is the third instalment in the album providing similar feelings of aggression, sinister and chaotic moments like a storm brewing in the upper atmosphere peaking beyond the threshold of how much chaos we can take. Amongst all this we also hear the idea of two different vocal lines, probably sung by the same person, but one line is deep with added bite whereas the other vocal line is shrieking beyond the sound barriers of this track.

The following track “Natural Selection” is merely the same musical direction with vocal treatment but not for the accompanying instrumentation. This track is full of sustained guitar on this occasion but there is still that creepy and daunting theme being symbolized by the guitar. The faster climatic segments are much to be desired with guitar and drums leading the narrative. “The Wraith” is arranged in similar fashion to the previous track but with that touch of class and skill with musical capabilities and production techniques.

“Abandoned” is a much shorter track filled with mighty guitar racing with drums to bewildered vocals. The drama unfolds here with jaw-dropping guitar and drums with a path of terrifying dissonance. Onto the final track which is “Malevolent”, a slightly longer and edgier thrills and spills of black metal with hints of death metal or hardcore once more.

So that is basically it in this album from this band, it’s also interesting that the band also shares its name with a dragon in the highly successful and much acclaimed TV hit series, Game Of Thrones. Perhaps in another way of looking at this album, it’s full of energy, fire and breath-taking periods of discord that is very appealing. Do check this band out as I reckon they will get better as they go on, hopefully so to another release of some kind.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Desolation
2. Tortured Soul
3. Vaporized
4. Natural Selection
5. The Wraith
6. Abandoned
7. Malevolent
Benedetto Marvill - Vocals & Bass
John Magnani - Guitars
Matthew Marvill - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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