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Vision of Choice - Second Sight

Vision of Choice
Second Sight
by Kevin Lewis at 12 March 2023, 4:27 AM

VISION OF CHOICE is a German Heavy Metal band formed in 2018. There is a wide variety of influences on this record. You will hear Power and NWOBHM mixed with straight-forward Heavy Metal and a bit of Pop as well. Their ability to combine all of these elements into an appealing mixture is quite amazing. Second Sight is their second full-length LP, released independently on February 17, 2023. The opening riff on the album will immediately hook you. “She Is Danger” is reminiscent of the mid-80s, driving straight into your ears and taking up residence. The rhythm is infectious, getting into your brain and just hanging out. The chorus is catchy and chantable, something fans love because they can scream along while shaking their fist in the air.

High Roller” begins with guitar fills over the rhythm, bringing the song in with a well-placed hook to get your attention. The drums on this song, and the whole album, are fast and fit well into the Power Metal realm, propelling the songs with precise phrasing and driving force. Steve is a force of nature and worthy of everything nice said about him. “Demonize” has a slower drum tempo, using Steve’s bass to power the song along this time. This one also shows a bit more of Ponch’s intricate guitar work, coupled again with Steve’s ever-present talents. With Steve being listed as “all instruments,” it is assumed he is carrying the brunt of the load. Lukas handles most of the vocals, both lead and backing, harmonizing through some of the chorus sections, giving the vocals a bigger, bolder sound. His vocals are all clean and well done.

For a true Power Metal song, look no further than “Ghost Chance.” Those guitars are amazing, rivaling duos like you hear in HELLOWEEN or BLIND GUARDIAN. Then, “Fatal Illusion comes along and goes for more of a NWOBHM style dual guitar attack. Again, the two guitarists here are more than capable of keeping up with any of the famous names you can think of in this genre as well. Obviously, they are just excellent guitarists, no matter what style they play. Wrapping the disc is “Forever The Heroes,” a Power Ballad that has a victorious feel with a massive vocal performance that sounds like it includes a full choir of metal voices. The shifts from subdued to heavy and back give a slight Progressive Metal feel, adding to the depth of styles covered on this record.

VISION OF CHOICE is a band that can confidently play any style, crossing genres repeatedly, writing whatever they want and pulling it off without sounding like they are trying to over-extend themselves. They have a broad skill set and sound good wherever they go. This is good, solid Heavy Metal that has talent for days and can appeal to a wide swath of fans.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. She Is Danger
2. Eyes Of Freedom
3. High Roller
4. Demonize
5. Until The Night
6. Ghost Chance
7. Fatal Delusion
8. To Zero
9. Hero's Home
10. Forever The Heroes
Lukas Remus – Lead/Backing Vocals
Steve Brockmann – Guitar/Bass/Lead Vocals (track 10)
Ponch Satrio – Guitar
Record Label: Fencesound Music


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