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Visions Of Atlantis – Whispering Wild Stories

Visions Of Atlantis
Whispering Wild Stories
by Cory A. Jones at 06 February 2012, 11:30 PM

To call VISIONS OF ATLANTIS another EVANESCENCE or LACUNA COIL type band would be a pretty unfair, but accurate description. This Symphonic Metal band hails from Austria and has been active since the year 2000, albeit with a butt-load of line-up changes. The band is currently on their 4th (!) lead singer which has to be some kind of record. “Maria Magdelena” is their first EP which follows their last album “Delta” which was released earlier in 2011.

So what we’ve got here is a half dozen of very pretty sounding Metal songs. I don’t know how Metal ever became pretty, but effective is effective. The Goth kids love it. For me, I have a love/hate relationship with this kind of Metal. I’m a hard sell when it comes to this stuff, but if I like it; I really like it. With that being said, I do like this. The music is heavy on the synth, but where there is guitar; they really make it count. That alone makes it enjoyable for the most part.

This EP sounds very good in short-form, but I can see how this would get old if it was a full-length. The duelling singers do a nice job making the songs sound nice and pretty, and the guitars do an excellent job of keeping it from sounding too candyass, which it could have very easily been. I love it when these kinds of bands are able to give you just the right balance. It makes for a rather enjoyable listening experience. I just wish there were more guitar riffs here.

My favourite track on this EP is “Distant Shores” but the whole thing is pretty solid. If you like Symphonic Metal, you should dig this. Grab this sucker and check it out for yourself. I hate to end this review on a downer note, but I must acknowledge VISIONS OF ATLANTIS’ first vocalist Nicole Bogner who passed away last month. She was a very talented singer. Check some of her early work with the band, and if you like it; you can “like” her “In Memoriom” page on Facebook here: My sympathies go out to her friends, family, and fans. The great thing about music is it makes people immortal, Nicole is immortal through her songs. R.I.P.

Now everybody cheer-up and go listen to some more Metal!

3 Star Rating

1. Maria Magdelena
2. Melancholia
3. Change Of Tides
4. Distant Shores
5. Last Shut Of Your Eyes
6. Beyond Horizon – The Poem Pt. II
Maxi Nil- Vocals
Mario Plank- Vocals
Cris Tian- Guitars
Martin Harb- Keys
Thomas Caser– Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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