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Visions of the Night - Visions of the Night vs. ReMechanized: Industrial Military Complex Award winner

Visions of the Night
Visions of the Night vs. ReMechanized: Industrial Military Complex
by Danny Sanderson at 27 January 2016, 5:57 PM

Canadian Death Metallers VISIONS OF THE NIGHT have been going for nearly twenty years. Coupling their strain of fast, aggressive and dark sounding Death Metal with lyrics about war and combat, this band is a strong, tight unit that has become a mainstay in the Canadian underground for many years. Now, the band have opted to release an alternate, Industrial remix of their 2013 album, "Guerrillas Within Their Midst", complete with a new track.

  "War Is Our Religion", the opening offering on this album, is, without putting a fine point on it, a vicious and brutal sounding piece of Industrial music. It's characterised by aggressive, military beats and harsh, powerful vocals. It certainly catches the listener’s attention right off the bat. "We Will Conquer" continues in very much the same vein, capturing the essence of the original track and combining it with palpable Industrial tones and heavy vocal distortion. "Utilizing Hate as a Motivational Force" is an incredibly dense, dark song, tinged with melodic elements that complement this tracks harsher tones perfectly. It is, unfortunately, a little bit too short, and it would have been great to see a song like this continue for a minute or two more. "Assaulting Fortress Europe" acts as a short, sharp burst of speed and energetic, frenetic drum beats and thick guitar riffs with a nice, Industrial edge to them. This is the first version of this song on this record, the second coming later in the record; this other version seems like a completely different song, and if it weren't for the key motifs that featured in the previous version, it would be hard to believe this was the same song. On this version, the Industrial elements are much more prominent in the mix, and they fit the song just as well as the Metal orientated rendition the listener got treated to earlier. "Written In Blood", with its much eerier approach to the music, is certainly one of the better tracks on the record, and really captures the key tropes of the original very well. Then we get treated to the new song, "Remechanized"; it's built around great, rhythmic sections, tar-like, distorted vocal lines and guitars that are liberally peppered with melodic trills and hooks. It balances the Industrial and Death Metal very well, and if this is a taste of music to come, then I for one am more than eager to hear what they have in the works. "Lost in the Red Snow" opens with some really cool chanted vocal lines, and then dives headlong into a mid-paced, yet nonetheless intense, slab of techno inflected music. The music gets far more aggressive and dissonant as the song progresses, culminating in some really abrasive droning effects that only add to this tracks intensity. "Breaching the Somme" acts as a short, instrumental piece that acts as a great prelude to the albums closing number; "Guerrillas Within Their Midst". This is one of the stand out tracks on the album, not least for its atmospheric, experimental flourishes when it comes to technical, virtuosic guitar lines and crushing, oppressive Industrial dirges. It's an amazing way in which to close this excellent record.

This is a great and interesting re-imagining of an established body of musical work. It takes the music originally released on "Guerrillas Within Their Midst" and effectively turns it on its head. Whether this will mark a total stylistic change for the band, or whether it is a one off, experimental foray into the world of Industrial and Electronica, this is, regardless, and awesome album with a lot of great music on it. With any luck, whatever the band has in store for their next release will measure up to, and indeed, surpass it.

4 Star Rating

1. War is Our Religion
2. We Will Conquer
3. Utilizing Hate as a Motivational Force
4. Assaulting Fortress Europe
5. Written In Blood
6. ReMechanized
7. Lost in the Red Snow
8. Assaulting Fortress Europe
9. Breaching the Somme
10. Guerrillas Within Their Midst
Wolvesblood - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Butchered Records


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