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Vital Breath - Angels Of Light

Vital Breath
Angels Of Light
by Sooraj Ram at 25 September 2017, 9:41 PM

VITAL BREATH are a French Alternative Metal band formed in 2011. With musical influences ranging from Pop to Rock this Alternative Metal outfit promises an adventurous expedition with an effort of incorporating different genres. (This is evident from their debut album.)

With a good and successful debut album it is very much essential for a new band such as VITAL BREATH to nail their next album; so as to stamp their foot firm on the music industry. “Angels of Light”  is the the band’s sophomore effort, flaunting 12 melodic tracks with each one being centered around Rock with a lot of added influences. As previously mentioned, VITAL BREATH does have a variety of stylistic influences, but this time around it isn't about Pop and Rock alone. Taking a huge chunks of Hard Rock and Progressive prowess, the album portrays a wide range of musical leanings.

In a nutshell, VITAL BREATH sounds somewhat similar to DISTURBED, ALTER BRIDGE and many other Modern Era bands. Starting off the proceedings with “The Trust”, the band unleash their formulated sound. With a catchy chorus and melodic yet simplistic dual guitar attacks, this song is a perfect opener; although I would have added the goodness of Progressive Metal onto it as well so as to deliver more euphony and rhythm. In terms of Instrumentation, drums are what kept me entertained - their powerful and thunderous sound makes a huge difference in the Instrumentation.

The album quickly transits toa handful of heavy guitar riffs together with some melodious solos. The second track “Welcome To My World” is probably one of the best tracks on this album, since it showcases nearly every single bit of their musicianship. The tracks that follow the latter are unfortunately not up to par with the former, and whilst listenable are not enjoyable. After passing quite a lot of tracks “Witness” grabbed my attention. With a heavy guitar riff laying the foundation for the song, the track unleashes ferocity; kudos to the band for arranging such a memorable track.

VITAL BREATH did not disappoint with their sophomore effort. I do love the fact that the band are trying to evolve and follow up with a pretty original sound. I did however hope for a better album, as some of the song on here are somewhat dull. If only they made an EP with a select list of songs from this full length, they might have nailed it, but nonetheless I do observe huge potential in this band. I am sure that they are gonna surprise us next time when they deliver their third album, hopefully soon.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Trust
2. Welcome To My World
3. What About Love
4. Sorcerer
5. Naive
6. Inside Devil
7. Brother
8. Leave Me Alone
9. Missing God
10. Unconscously
11. Witness
12. Would You Rather Sleep?
Jérôme Ponsolle - Vocals, Guitars
Wayne Loeuillet - Guitars
Christophe Blanc - Tailleur Bass
François Brisk - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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