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Vivus Humare – Einkehr Award winner

Vivus Humare
by Amanda Rulton at 12 January 2015, 10:14 PM

Formed in 2007 the band VIVUS HUMARE are a fantastic Black Metal band that blow you away every time you hear them. Music is an entity completely of its own, no two pieces of metal sound the same and for this I am glad because there is not a band I am yet aware of I could compare VIVUS HUMARE to.

This album will make every emotion you’ve ever felt slip away in to the darkness. It is exceptionally easy to get into and you feel every molecule of music, it takes you on a trip to the most inner corner of your heart. It fills that small section of you that has been left empty and spreads like a disease to your veins until you feel it in everything you do, before you know it you’re tapping along unable to stop. Not wanting to stop.

Track five hammers at your insides, hammers at everything in the room. It is by far one of the best tracks on the album, its fast and you know as soon as you hear it you want to see this beautiful piece of music performed live in front of a huge crowd of fans they deserve.

Their music is fluid and easy to listen to, yet emotional with beauty beyond compare around every corner. This album takes many twists and turns yet nothing is out of place screaming ‘I don’t belong on this album’ because everything fits and is where it is meant to be.  You can see that VIVUS HUMARE are meant to be making music, you feel it as soon as their music comes flooding out of your headphones.

I don’t particularly like the art work on the album cover for "Einkehr", it is simple with an old look to it but aren’t we always told it’s the stuff on the inside that counts? This band will be huge on the Black metal scene in the future, they have done themselves and the German metal industry proud and this is an album Black Metal fans everywhere will be talking about in years to come and you can see exactly why. The work they have put into this album is plain to see with every single track, it isn’t something they woke up and decided to do in a day. It wasn’t a last minute decision it was planned and played around with and the time it took to great us was time worth waiting as they truly have produced a great album even if it is just five tracks long.

4 Star Rating

1. Der Schmerz weckt
2. In Eos' Antlitz
3. Auf morgendlichen Pfaden \[excerpt] 07:54
4. Abstieg in die Tiefe
5. Traum
Mt. - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Leshiyas - Lead Guitar
IK - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Skadilvari - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Eisenwald


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