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Voice Of Ruin - Consumed Award winner

Voice Of Ruin
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 July 2015, 3:14 PM

Switzerland is a country that gave to the world few names that are know, but these names are too important, as HELLHAMMER (of of the pillars of Black Metal), CELTIC FROST (the creators of Symphonic Metal and fusions with non Metal sonorities), and CORONER (forefathers of Techno Thrash Metal). We can say that, due the low quantity of bands, the quality level is high on those lands. And VOICE OF RUIN is a proof of mine words, due their creative insight, as their EP “Consumed” shows clearly.

The ferocity of Thrash Metal allied with the modern energy of Metalcore, along with some elements from Industrial are here, living harmonically one with the other without problems. And it’s very fast and aggressive, but keeping a very good melodic insight and something of a deep and introspective feeling is some moments. Their music has very good aggressive vocals (some normal tune grunts), extremely worked guitar riffs, melodic solos and very good and technical rhythmic session. And they are really creative!

The sound that flows from the speakers is abrasive and intense, but clear. It’s a signal of a good production done, that allows us all to understand their music in its totality. Their six songs are all fine. “I Am The Danger” opens the EP, and is the song from the official video for divulging, full of very creative riffs and thunderous drums, that create a well-worked rhythmic basis along with bass guitar. On “Need to Consume”, some introspective melodies arises from the middle of brutal grasp of bass and drum-work, and some great clean moments. A tender moment with keyboards opens  “Morning Wood”, that was rewritten by Desireless & Operation Of The Sun (and don’t ask me who the hell they are, please), that has some Industrial Metal touches, along with clean good vocals. On “Day of Rage” (that was remixed by BAK XIII), we have another song with strong Industrial Metal elements, being harsher and aggressive than the previous ones. And the two versions for “The Rise Of Nothing” (one remix by SIMPIG, the other by "Feel A Boom F.A.B") are different one from the other, but both full of electronic experiments.

This EP is a very good release, and makes us all look for their previous work, to makes us want to hear more from them in the future.

4 Star Rating

1. I Am The Danger
2. Our Need To Consume
3. Morning Wood
4. Day Of Rage
5. The Rise Of Nothing
Randy – Vocals
Nico – Guitars
Morti – Guitars
Erwin – Bass
Olivier – Drums
Record Label: Tenacity Music


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