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Voice Of A Generation - Oddville Preservers (CD)

Voice Of A Generation
Oddville Preservers
by Fotis Giakob at 21 November 2001, 12:29 PM

Steet-punk / Oi-punk (Oi… what?) fans rejoice! Voice Of A Generation have their new studio album out for you. Named after a song of Oi punksters Blitz, Voice Of A Generation belong to  Sweden's underground scene kids. Singing in english they made their break though to the masses.
When punk rock comes to mind the first think I would say is 'Sex Pistols'. As a movement all there was to be said is already said by them. All the groups after them were trying (unsuccesfully most of the times) to cope with the rage of 'Sex Pistols' and their time. Which brings as to the band at hand.
Voice Of A Generation with 'Oddville Preservers' after their three previous releases are here with seven songs (two of them being covers of Antiseen's 'People Like you' and Johny Cash's 'Kate'). Hmmmm that leaves us to five new songs that, in their whole, do not go further than the typical punk bang-around-and-cry-your-lungs-out-loud drill. The only song that stands apart (being the longest in duration with 2'30'') is 'Twentyfourseven' which has something to tell and reminds a lot of the older ages.
I belive that, with a total play time of 15 mins (!!!!!), this album is only for absolute fans of the punk scene. That's my say of course (who else afterall, I am writing the review :)).

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People Like You
Get Some More
Marky Madness - Vocals
Kim Belly - Guitar
212 - Guitar
Danny R. Violence - Bass
Molotov Mike - Drums
Record Label: People Like You


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